roll on spring!!

Morning,not sure if this is a question or a general moan? I started running about 3 months ago and really enjoy it. I tend to go out around 5am as my husband works long hours 6 days a week and I have my daughter at home during the day. Getting out that early has been fine until now,I don't mind the dark or the chill in the air but I do mind the ice cold rain and the mindless parts who think it's funny to purposely splash me as they drive past,so I think I will have to cut back to only getting out on a Sunday when hubby is around? Humph ( pulling a sulky face) will have to get on my indoor bike trainer during the week,which will slow my weight loss down even further.what do you do? Do you have young children at home too? When do you get time to run? Bring on spring so I can get out again!!!!! 


  • Cheryl, you do the hardest bit (getting up) so well done.  If the "only" problem is the weather there is a phrase in the cycling fraternity "no such thing as inappropriate weather only inappropriate clothing".  I recommend a montane marathon to help make the wet days more bareable.

    There is no easy answer.  Near me there are parent groups where people take it in turns to care for a group of children while the mothers train.

  • you must live in a busy area where you get lots of idiots out at 5 am in the morning.....

    go out here and you get the lovey quiet.only the very odd dog walker and the occassional car on its way home from a night shift who has better things to do than soak runners......

    just get out there.water won't killl you and there is always a warm shower or bath when you get home image


  • I agree with Toro - getting up is by far the hardest bit.

    Once you are warmed up rain should no longer feel "ice cold", it should be plesantly cooling and, as Seren says, even the odd soaking isn't going to kill you. Unless your local council is particularly bad at clearing fallen leaves and filling potholes my advice would be to just run further away from the kerb.

  • Thanks guys,yes I live I a very built up area,think coronation street but in the south! Lol. You are right,I just need to toughen up and stop being a wussimage) I just needed someone else to tell me! Have a good day xx

  • Maybe just don't run when its peeing down ? Its not ALWAYS wet out ? And scout out some routes with wider pavements !
  • I was like this last year, having to go out when my husband got home from work and he is self employed so just finishes when the work's done so could be 6/7/8/9 o'clock by the time he got home. Most nights I dreaded going out in the dark and cold, I live in a very small town so anything over 4 miles involved running loops as there wasn't enough street lit road. But I would just get changed as soon as I'd given the kids dinner so that no matter what time he got in I just left for my run without thinking about it and always found I enjoyed it and was glad I went.

    This year my 3 year old is in nursery so I'm reveling in being able to do all my runs in daylight and run wherever I want without being restricted to street lit areas so im glad I stuck at it all last winter!

    Before my daughter was old enough for her free preschool place I actually paid for her to do 2 2.5 hour sessions at nursery a week while I was marathon training over the summer. It worked out costing about 20 pounds a week and was well worth it! I don't know of that would be an option for you? Even if you could just get a couple of daylight runs in a week it woul make it less depressing.
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