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  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Good luck Xyloid!

    Well done We Three Queens and Nose Nowt.

    Rest day for me today. Hurrah!

  • Morning all. Quick P&D question. If I may? 

    When there are runs such as today's 13 with 8@PMP do the 8 miles need to be consecutive? Same with LT runs, do those miles have to be lumped together or can we split them? 

    thank you image

  • lfr - consecutive in both cases.

    Getting the 4m Recovery run in has been my hardest part of the schedule so far. Unfortunately, it's about to get even harder thanks to my life sucking balls at the moment. I suspect I'm going to be doing a lot of treadmill running soon image

    First week has been completed, though, and I can only deal with each day/week at a time.

  • Ladyfunrun, for LT sessions the pacey miles should be done after a warm up and followed by a cool down. For this week's 9mi w/ 4 LT I ran three miles warm up and two cool down.

    For MP sessions I run the MP miles as the last miles of the run.

    15miles for me today (55-70 18week plan for VMLM). I had to get up at 5:15am to fit them in before work. Ran too fast again (07:05 pace), with last 9 at sub-3 pace.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Telford 10k for me today. Really thought a pb was on cards but there seemed to be a perfect storm against me. Cold since Thurs, then spent yesterday feeling really odd. Dizzy, nauseous and hugely tired. Then had a massive bout of insomnia last night and got about two hours broken sleep between four and seven. Came in at 40.33 which is my 4th fastest 10k but about 45 secs off pb. I'll take that though for a very off day. Was very close to not going this am. My wif e was dead against, but decided to just get it in and not be upset by outcome. 

    Back to schedule tomorrow, though next two weeks are going to get disrupted. 

  • I am sure I'll feel v thick when you tell me but what is P&D?


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Its the first letter of the surnames of the people responsible for the training plan. 

  • Not Pay & Display then?

  • Missed week two of the plan with a calf niggle, managed a short 4 mile run today so should be able to start up the plan on week 3 gutted I have missed 16 with 8 @mp I might just throw in some mp miles in one of the mid week MLRs 

  • Where do you find the plan? Interested


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    You can probably do a Google search and find something however to properly follow it you need to get the book. 

  • Thanks all. I have been doing them together but find the LT miles the worst and would benefit, well, find it easier by splitting them. I'll do as I'm told though!

    Chris, I used to think that P&D meant Pace & Distance, why wouldn't i? Made complete sense!!
  • Well, managed to complete my first ever proper race, the MK Half!  I was hoping for 1hr55 and managed it in 1hr53'44".

     It amazes me though how disproportional it is between the extra energy expended running full out to the time gained over the run!  I have run the distance before in training with a time of 2hr05'34" and felt pretty comfortable with a controlled heart rate, but I ran this as hard as I could and only improved by around 12 minutes from a training run!

    At one point I was overtaken by a woman who looked as though she was probably a pensioner and she looked like she was just out for a stroll!  I overtook her again before the end but I was dead on my feet and she was still looking fresh as a daisy!  Very humbling!

  • Mishaps this week: I ran too close to a smoking woman and melted a small hole in my tights, and also ran into a woman stepping out of a doorway in the dark (luckily both gentle, General Aerobic collisions and no cross words exchanged).  We made 48 pies and I ate six.

    Otherwise I had a good week of training, and covered all the miles but was lazy on pace.  The 9 miles with 4 at LT doesn't work when you keep having to stop to cross roads - what do you think is the best compromise? Shorter but quicker efforts?

    I was feeling proud after spinning today's 15 miler out to 19 and winding the the last two or three up to target marathon pace.. until I noticed that next week is 16 miles with 8 at MP! That will be hard.  After today's long run I got home and found SOMEONE still asleep in bed.  Great opportunity to eat all the best things in the fridge.

    I told a clubmate about my cranky achilles and he warned me not to do as he did: watched Homeland while applying ice pack, got engrossed and wound up with 2nd degree burns/frostbite.  After two weeks he can now wear shoes again.

  • Xyloid, 12 minutes is a lot! Well done

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Xyloid - well done on the PB, and well done on beating that old lady.

    marrows - you need to find yourself a better running route. Any parks or trails near you?

  • Xyloid; great result well done. To break two hours in first real attempt is very good.

    Stewart C; you still have time, don't panic.

    I too am in a similar position. I have missed the first two weeks of the plan. I managed a 4 mile jog today just to test myself out. Didn't feel fantastic but I'm in one piece and I think I could go again tomorrow. I think I am going to have to take this week steady and then start properly next week.

    I guess I should start week 1 but then in a few weeks time skip a week or two of the plan. Does that sound sensible?
  • Great PB Xyloid.

    An easy 8 on the treadmill today but somehow can now barely move due to lower back pain.

    Hopefully just trapped or tweaked something and a good nights sleep will resolve it image

  • FergFerg ✭✭✭

    Xyloid, top work with your 12 minute PB, that's a solid performance.

    I had a similar experience in Barcelona 2011, when a couple in their 60's just glided past me in the closing couple of miles as I was dying on my arse. Great to see what's possible in the future though!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello I'm the little girl in the picture, my name is Hana.image The man in the picture is my dad. In one of the races my dad came 3rd place! Normally after a race my dad looks like this image.Giggle giggle!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    ahem. That was my daughter. Good job there weren't too many naughty words on this page!

  • Xyloid - if 12 minutes doesn't sound too much to you then try thinking about it in distance, when you finished the training-you wouldn't have seen the 12 mile marker yet.

    I am not at all bothered by being overtaken by pensioners or youths, I'm content that people of all ages can be fitter than me, what does upset me is overweight people, they have no business being fast.

    Have we got a team now for jantastic?

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭


    What shall we call it..."P&D Spring Marathoners" or "RW's P&Ders" or "Pfitzinger and Douglasers" or "The Advanced Marathoners" or ......   something else?

    8mi with 4@LT for me today.

  • Don't ask me, I am rubbish at naming things - we should probably have RW in there as lots of MT listeners will be running P&D for their spring marathons (on the show itself both Tony and Tom are).

  • Call it PDSM (racy!)

    Thanks 15West.  I have good uninterrupted routes for weekend runs, but most of my mid-week miles are running to/from work.

  • 15 - Good to hear from your daughter!

    Xyloid - Well done on your first proper race. In my first race, a half-marathon, I managed approximately 1H58, and have improved a lot since.

    Fergster - Agreed about the future.  I'm there now.  It took me two years of racing before I managed to beat a local 72-year-old, who is an inspiration to us all, mainly for keeping on racing even though his times are not as good as they were a few years ago.

  • Well done Xyloid!

    PDSM is genius. Pity I'm already in a rival Jantastic team. image

  • FergFerg ✭✭✭
    marrows wrote (see)

    Call it PDSM (racy!)

    Thanks 15West.  I have good uninterrupted routes for weekend runs, but most of my mid-week miles are running to/from work.

    I second literatin, that IS genius image. Count me in for the jantastic team if it's not too late.

  • Great effort Xyloid!

    Managed to get my 14 miles (13.9 technically) in late last night It was a truly long SLOW run. I nearlly gave up after about two miles, I would not reccomend a beef stew and dumplings half an hour before a run. Bloody awful.  

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