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I've done a couple of pool based sprint triathlons this year but am keen to try some olympic distance open water races next year. I'm on the look out for a wetsuit, can anyone give me some advice on a good entry level suit and what size i'd need! (i'm about 5'9", with a 34" chest and weigh about 60-62kg)

The more i look the more baffled i get at the different sizes!




  • best solution is to go an try a few on and take advice from a tri shop

    they all tend to fit slightly differently and only by trying on will you find out if it fits for you.   sales of this year's models will give you some good discounts as well.


  • Thanks FB, am I right in thinking your based around Chester (sure I've seen some posts about it before) if you are do you know if tri active is any good or of any other local tri shops?
  • Hi Dean, 

    i've found Triactive very helpful plus they had wetsuits in the sale when I was in there couple of weeks ago image

  • Nah  FB is dahn sarf... I'm in Chester

    Yep Graham at TriActive  in Chester http://www.tri-active.co.uk/  has a sale on at the moment

    also Eureka Cycles (they do Tri kit as well) http://www.eurekacyclesports.co.uk/ also have a clearance sale on at the minute

    and of course Royles in Wilmslow www.royles.biz


  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    Nah  FB is dahn sarf... I'm in Chester

    yep - I'm much closer to France than I am to Chester!  

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