Recommend me a Turbo Trainer & best way to track distance & upload to PC.

Hi guys just picking up a Triban 5 and need some advice on a turbo trainer please, nothing silly priced as skint after the bike purchase.


Also whats best way to record miles done etc and anyway I can upload to my pc like my Nike GPS watch does for my running, be good to keep a record of improvements?


Thanks guys.


  • Some suggestions here.

    You don't track distance on a turbo - you don't go anywhere. You're better off doing sessions of a similar intensity to being out on the road - but its not road miles.

    You'll struggle to do an ironman unless you can get out and do 100 mile rides on the bike.

    Spinervals or Sufferfest might be good eventually - but I'd start off simple.

    10 mins warm up.

    30 mins at about 80% of MHR

    10 mins cool down

    Do that twice a week and build up to doing 45 mins or so.

    That and the road bike at the weekend.

    (Theres plenty of other ways to train too)
  • Second Cougie's advice - and just use your Nike GPS for cycling it will work the same as for running.   

  • Cat5 will be along shortly... image

  • Cateye Strada has a distance pickup on the rear wheel so you can get a mileage on the turbo:

  • i have a T5 too, first bike - love it, used my garmin 405 before and now the 910, this gives me distance, speed, cadence and HR - use with the GSC10 speed cadence sensor..

    can get them cheaper on fleabay than garmin.


    Here's one I made earlier..indoors...




  • I have a spreadsheet with the turbo training sessions on, all you do is put your min & max heart rate and it calculates the desired heart rate throughout the spreadsheet - magic!!

    Think you have to pm me if you want it? relatively new to this forum stuff..

  • Oh..also got a Tacx Ergoflow turbo trainer on fleabay for £100 last year, great bit of kit with a little computer on that also shows cadence, speed, watts, distance and can adjust from -3 to +9 to simulate hills (up & down) - makes me sweat though!

  • Those two garmin charts do show why turbo distance doesn't really count.

    Turbo speed was almost 50% faster than real world speed.

    (But that climb up pen y pass is a bugger)
  • as others have said, turbo distance is of little use, as is speed as conditions are different to road.

    I have a Cateye Double computer which gives me cadence and speed from the turbo wheel (and road wheel of course) and I use these as for RPE purposes (rate of perceived effort) when dying on Sufferfest videos....image

    there's no upload facility with the Cateye which doesn't bother me as I don't track training logs

  • Strange what your saying Cougie, I have moved the senor for my bike speedo to the bike back wheel and 15 miles on turbo seems a lot harder than 15 miles on the road, could just be me getting board I suppose, the turbo does have a resistance setting and is always set at the highest



  • SA - why set resistance at the highest??  can't see any reason for that at all. road riding is all about adapting by cadance and power and you need to turbo like that not do everything at max resistance.

    I have no resistance on my turbo, all the effort change comes from using the gears as per normal and I find that setup mimics road riding much better than having a resistance method.

  • That's why its not realistic - you could be using the high resistance, someone else could be on low racking up the miles. So its of little use recording the miles.

    If I wanted to I could sit on a turbo and twiddle with little resistance whilst watching TV or something. The session could record 50 miles or so in a couple of hours if the resistance is light. Is that the same as on the road ? Nope.

    As FB says - best to go with PRE and record your sessions as an hours work or whatever. For progress - you need to test in the real world - thats where you'll be racing.
  • I used sufferfest last week for the first time - dark place - and had to add resistance on the turbo for the 8.75 RPE at 80 cadence standing, as I was peddling squares to keep the cadence low...made me feel sick!!! But will make me better...I hope!

    cougie wrote (see)
    Those two garmin charts do show why turbo distance doesn't really count.
    Turbo speed was almost 50% faster than real world speed.

    (But that climb up pen y pass is a bugger)

    I'm old and slow though!!

  • 80 cadence standing is hard work in any gear - almost impossible in many ways to get a 8.75 RPE doing it on a turbo.  Sufferfest videos need to be adapted to the real world of a turbo so us the RPEs and cadence as a guide and work from your own baseline.  me and the missus turbo together and we are both working at similar RPEs but our cadences and speeds are different.

  • TheEngineer wrote (see)

    Cat5 will be along shortly... image

    *Cough* TrainerRoad *Cough*. image

    Of course this would require the OP to shell out on TR plus an ANT+ stick.

  • Sportspursuit has good deals on Elite turbos this week, top end turbos but a good deal if you have the money

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