Food before running

I'm very new to running (jogging) and I am trying for a 10k with the option to stop at a 5k any advice on best food to eat day before and on the day or foods to avoid. Thanks


  • Presumably you're running in practice before this event ? So just eat normally as you do before your runs.

    There is no need to carbo load or eat extra to get round. You'll burn something like 600 calories on a 10k - it isnt a huge amount.

    Have fun !
  • The term running means nothing to me...oh wait a minute...a jogging yes! That  

  • Thanks I need to get round my first run hopefully 10k but if not maybe next time. Only been doing it since August aged 51 going on 52 although my 5 boys have kept me busy but now it's time for me to do something. Can't wait no matter what distance I manage on the day it will be a great distance to me. I've achieved a weight loss of 3 1/2 stone since January and now I just want to be able to jog. And I will probably be on here picking people's brains.


  • Good work on the weight loss. Feel free to ask questions - we were all beginners once.

    (5 kids ? Clearly you're some sort of masochist. Running will be perfect for you)
  • Hi Shirley, weldone you!  3 and half stone is amazing and 5 kids wow!   I also started out at jogging 5Ks, then up to 10K's, half marathon and now I'm training for my first marathon.  It's taken me years to build up speed (two pregnancies in between) but everyone gets there eventually.  Cougie is correct about your 10K.  You don't need to change your entire diet for this distance.  Just make sure you drink water on route and I would avoid alcohol before you run!   I would also eat 2 hours before you go on your run as otherwise your food will not be digested and you may get a tummy ache.  Good luck!

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    What everyone else has said. Well done on the weight loss and starting out. I'd not make any change to my diet for 10k but would make sure that i'm hydrated and not eating too closely to running (as Pipski mentioned).


  • Thanks everyone I'm getting a little nervous now but cant wait at the same time as the run is tonight but I am going with a friend who can do 10k but I'm open minded I would be exstatic if I did the 10k but probably feel just as good at 5k. It's the night run in Salford lol thought I'd make my first one the run in the dark lol. I will let you all know how I get on. Thanks again
  • Well just wanted to say that I did my first 5k night run in Salford tonight and I'm so pleased never stopped and my chip time was 36mins 48s. We went to try for 10k but I said let's stop and be really please fat what we've achieved and work on it. Lol if we had carried on to try for 10 it would have been a rubbish time and would ha e probably had to keep going on buzzing after that never thought I'd have ever run.
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