Nike Flyknit Trainer

Just wondered if anyone is using the flyknit trainer and what your opinions are? I've been using mine for a few months and love them but the soles don't half wear quick!


  • They remind me of totes socks with a slightly thicker sole.
  • BeetleBeetle ✭✭✭

    I`m using  a Flyknit racer at the moment (along with various other shoes). Not sure how different it is from the trainer.

    The racer is very light (7.5 UK weighs 170g). Cushioning is good. Not as good as a Lunaracer, but still very good. I could (and probably will) run a marathon in them. Fit is glove like and comfortable. Grip is amazingly good on wet or leafy road/moderate trail. Rather  better than my Hoka Rapanui trail/road shoes. Don`t handle slippery mud. Don`t know about longvevitry - suspect not great but certainly not awful. Main downside: price.

  • What mileage have yo done in them Geryi? I'm considering them for my next racing shoe.

  • Thanks for replies. I noticed wear in the sole very early on after a few runs. Not sure how many miles. I do love them though. I noticed all the nike trainers I've used up til the fly knits ( zoom elites lunar glides lunar racers and Pegasus ) have BRS on the sole and the fly knit trainers don't so don't know if it's maybe a softer compound .
  • I've only ever got as far as trying on a mate's pair and doing a couple of laps of a track.  Not surprisingly, felt like slippers, and the sole felt like a nice ride, but I found the knitted upper just didn't keep my foot in place.  I'm tempted to look at the Zoom Streak as my next (marathon) race shoe, as I understand it's basically the same Zoom sole but with a more traditional upper, and I wear Zoom Elite for training.  (Cheaper as well!)

  • Phil I like the zoom elites too and think ill just go back to them. What are the latest ones like?
  • No idea I'm afraid, beyond what I've read on t'web, but it doesn't look like they've changed much.  My current pair are version 5, and I'll be getting the same again because I've had 1100 miles out of them with no complaints. I prefer them to v4 and they feel a bit like v3 for being a little softer.

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