Ironman Wales 2014! 10 months training?

Hi guys Just looking for some 23 and i want to do IM Wales 2014 but I don't know is it possible to do in 10 months as of reviews says its 1 of the hardest if not the hardest in the world.i no a IM isn't easy but can it be done!i have quite a good base fitness as I've played sport all my life,my strongest discipline is prob my run as I've worked on it over the 6 month.going from doing 10k in 1h 7min to 45min,I've done a few half marathons and 100k bike and I'm really enjoying training I want something to aim for!!!my swim is poor but improving,I only learned to swim at the start of the this to unrealistic or should I go for it!! Any advice would be great,thanks in advance


  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Yes it is possible

    You need time
    You need to want to do it
    You need to get an entry in fairly soon

    get hold of a good training plan from somewhere like

    See how they set out the weeks (usually 20 weeks plan) 
    Look at the big weeks and see how they fit your lifestyle

    Wales is tough but manageable


    Doner Kebab wrote (see)

    oi Meldy - this is for runnersimage



    M...eldy wrote (see)

    and you can feck off!

    I was just about to offer another piece of advice to the young man that he will find various pieces of information in the Tri section ... leave the long runners to it image


    Richardsdrr wrote (see)

    Hi James. You would probably be better off posting this in the Triathlete World forums here....

    but, while your here, I'd say, yes, it is possible. Whether its possible for you is a totally different matter. That depends on so many different factors it would really be hard to say. if you put the time and effort in, then it is completely possible to be ready in 10 months. Don't worry too much about the swim at the mo. concentrate on getting a good base in the cycling and running so that you build up to 4-5 hour rides and 2.5-3 hour long ruAs loan long as you can manage the swim in under 1.5 hours, that'll give you 9 hours for t1 and the bike to beat its cut off. The bike is the bitch of IM Wales with a few hills in it,so get used to hills. Once that's done, it's 6 hours to get through t2 and the marathon. Easy, right?

    good luck, you'll get plenty of advice from the pirates.


    James Casey 2 wrote (see)
    Hey thanks for the quick reply sorry never done this before so didn't know where to go!some really good advice!i think I can do it!which is a start!im a student with only 3 days uni so I have the time I think!but its the swim that is scaring me abit!!thanks guys il repost in the tri part.


    M...eldy wrote (see)

    If its the swim that is scary then I would start the swim training now, get used to it and get comfortable with it ... you dont want your race to end with a free ride to T1 in a boat

    Just bringing the rest of the posts with me  image

  • James , I am planning tha same thing although I think you have a better fitness base than nme as my PB for a 10k is 54 mins image




  • Oh really,I think I might just take the plunge and go for it!a bit of believe and il get there!how many hour Training do you think I should do a week and which disciples to allocate them to that's where I'm unsure on what to do! Thanks for the reply mate.
  • How long is a piece of string?

    Buy or download Don Finks Be Iron Fit, 3 x 30 week plans, you choose the 1 you think will work for you based on lifestyle and all the other factors.  Personally for IMW I'd avoid the 'just finish' plan, I just dont think the volumes or intensity is there in that plan for Wales.  The competitive plan peaked around 22 hours a week I think it was, with the majority of time on the bike, longest day was an 8 hour day if I remember right, 6 hour ride + a long run of 2 hours.  That said it's do-able and manageable, I missed 1 session in 30 weeks and I have a wife, 2 kids and a full time job.

    Get to love the hills, embrace them, ride up them, a lot and then ride up them some more and then do it again and when you're done ride up another one.  Oh and run up hills a lot as well, Wales is many things, fantastically supported, awesome scenery, epic course but flat it is not.  Go for it, but hurry up down to 150 places now.

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