Dark Star River Marathon

After the Downslink was such a great race we are having another go.. this time only28.2 up one side of the river Adur and bit  of partridge green past the Dark star brewery and back down the other side. 

Every finisher gets a bottle of beer as well see the events listing.


  • That's a very vague post - the events listing for what? The only reason I know what you are talking about - or at least where, not what, is that I used to live in Partridge Green and have drunk Dark Star. Had a barrel or two for my wedding ealier in the year.

  • Sorry if it appeared vague was just trying to direct people to event page , the marathon is jan 26th a 28.2 trail marathon up and down the river Adur in Sussex

    Check out www.sussextrailevents.com
  • It's subscribers only content in the events lisings so half the users of the forums will be exclded from viewing.

    I just saw Dark Star and thought 'beer'. I was right. image

  • Beer and running what more do you want
  • hmmm, could be a nice training run for the ndw50

    whats the trail like?

    road shoe or trail shoe and how lumpy is it, ive run the sdw across the adur heading west

  • Wazza , its mainly riverbank so not that hilly and a old disused railway line . it will give you time on your feet but won't get you ready for box hill.


  • cool, i'll enter i a week or two

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