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  • I'm surprised that the earphones-in debate hasn't crept in to the comments above. It amazes me that so many cyclists ride with music playing in their ears thereby rendering them oblivious to everyone around them. Whether walking, riding or driving we all need to be aware of each other and be a little more respectful and less angry. Easy to say, maybe not so easy to do.
  • Lots of "frontline" comment on here. Respect to you guys who have to clear it all up. I get some of the financial backlash afterwards. It's quite frightening.

    I see some of the official reports on the left turning tippers too. I want side impact proximity detectors installed with alarms in the cabs and I have banged on about this for years. But they cost, are often ignored by the  drivers and many of the cyclists don't help.

    Try and make a space around your vehicle and keep it.


  • 3 deaths on my commute route into work...... cs2 is a dogs dinner.  The new segreagated bit from bow to stratford is probably the worst bit - conflict has now moved to the lefthand junctions and now no one is looking for cyclists as the turn left accross them.

    I much prefered it with just a bus lane.



    The qyality of riding has to be seen to be believed.... its shocking.  3/10 always jump red lights, 3/10 always stop and the rest are sheep......  everyone hates cyclists as a rwsult - even me (and im on my bike!)  I am assertive but many go way beyond that....


    However the quality of driving is also poor/agressive.


    Add in people riding without lights, car drivers texting etc......


    I think we need to get radical.

    I lile the hgv ban.

    Dont think we can ban busses though.

    Ban the car inside the north circ/south circ?  Or at least use congestion charging?

    Compulsary bike insurance - i am started to think its a good ideal


    Licencing bikes../more enfircement.?  People on bikes think they can ride how they want with no real fear of being caught


    Cycle lanes to all junctions go up the left by the kerb, encouraging cyclists to undertake as the filter to the front.  Add a left turning vehical thats not indicating.... ive  often got to the ASL just as the lights change and thats not good Either.  I normally go up the left only if the traffic is stationary and theres room, but ive been caught out and i think i know what im doing.


    Should we remove cycle lanes?  They put novice cyxlists just where they should not be.


    Its got bad enough that i wear white/floro and have the brightest most annoying lights possible....

    Still going to continue riding though image

  • Live long and prosper Capt. Picard!!image

  • I'm admiring Blisters'  use of "knob" and "nob" in the same sentence image

  • I know I am a bit thick but I am not getting the TNG reference Siggy.

    Enlighten this poor old fool please?

    Day before yesterday, the specialist said that that my foot is likely to be six months in healing after the knob in the 4X4 parked his front wheel on the arch of my foot in September when I was stationary foot down. He wanted to teach me a lesson cos he didn't like the fact that bikes go to the front of the traffic. As long as we have that mentality in drivers, cyclists will always lose out. Luckily I had armoured boots on as I was on the motorbike. If it had been a cycle, the outcome would have been different.

    Well, if this discussion keeps any of us from having a prang, it's been worth it.image

  • Check out the pictures of OC from the Outlaw this year...think you may see the similarity between OC and JLP, DB

  • OK, got it, I remember OC from Outlaw 2012. Ta. Make it so OC.

  • Another cyclist killed by HGV in Camberwell this morning.

  • I did a lot of research into this whilst at university in London and actually did a 3 minute mini documentary on it. (if anyone is keen I can share the link on youtube).

    I actually visited a cycle awarenss scheme whereby new HGV's were being installed with equipment to inform them and the cyclist that they are there as it should be known to everyone that if you go on the left side of a lorry and they are turning left they cannot see you! There needs to be education on both sides, not just on the HGV's side.

    Some cyclists are irresponisble and during this video I found many who were just that. The fact that the majority chose not to wear helmets infuriates me as well!

  • Plenty of my clubmates have been cycling for decades. They've survived 40 or 50 years without helmets. Has cycling suddenly got more dangerous ?

    (and if an HGV goes over you - I don't think a bit of foam helps much).

    Should runners wear helmets too ? We trip and fall and hit our heads ?
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I've fallen over while running way more often then when cycling - but the one time I've properly come off my bike (rather than just failing to unclip and falling over), I put a big crack in my helmet (oo-er Missis!)

    You do tend to be moving faster on a bike than when running.

     Although I had many falls while running, I've never hit my head.


    Another cyclist killed today. There won't be any left in London at this rate. 

  • I like to think of the helmet as a bit of kit that might help, won't do any good as you say Cougie with a 50mph truck but then it might at less then 15mph, if I swerve to avoid something and fall off. But I like the fact its choice rather then forced on me and do always wear one as do my kids.

    People didn't like having to wear motorbike lids or car seat belts but its just accepted now. But NZ made lids compulsory and cycling dropped by a massive amount.

    Interestingly I've been looking into road deaths involving bikes and both Canada and Aus are reporting all time highs for fatal incidents this year. 

  • well in a word, yes I believe cycling has got more dangerous as the amount of cars on the road has increased and un-informed and some ignorant cyclists have begun taking to the streets.

    Personally I don't think a helmet is the be all and end all, but why not just put it on as a preemptive measure? It may help it may not. I personally owe my life to one as had I hit the van without a helmet I doubt I would be writing this let alone have completed an Ironman. (and just for the record I was knocked off by another car who scarpered into the van as opposed to my own mindless cycling)


  • I just think that the helmet argument rolls out too easily.

    Cyclists think they're safe with them on. Motorists think that cyclists are protected with them on. In reality - they're only useful at lower speeds.

    Sure its sensible to wear them - but it'd be sensible to wear a helmet for everything.

    Cycling is not that dangerous an activity - but if you're reckless or a motorist is...
  • I know from experience the helmet argument goes round in circles too.

    agreed recklessness on both parts is the killer. I think in London there should be more education and awareness on both sides. We are never going to be like the Netherlands - people enjoy a cushy car as opposed to a saddle and even though I cycled in london as a student I would be too worried that my road bike would be nicked so didn't use it. Bring on the baskets!

  • The helmet argument is something I'm going to avoid - as you say Fanny it doesn't end. Especially when you point out the fact that helmets can exacerbate injury - not many people understand the mechanics of that one. image

  •'ll start going in roundabouts!

  • I guess bike usage has gone up - so more bikes = more deaths ?
  • FF having grown up in NZ I dont think the introduction of compulsory helmet wearing alone didnt decrease the number of peeps on the road.  More likely the number of other vehicles increased over using cycles as commuting transport.  NZ has really crap public transport so a car is far more widely used than your two feet or a bike.

    I still would rather wear a helmet than not - it was only good luck and me chucking my arms out that stopped me from worse injuries than just a window wiper slicing opening my forehead aged 14 cause I thought I was too cool to wear one - it was hanging off my handle bars and not on my head.  

    But I dont think that argument is what is going on in London at the moment - put a barrier inbetween cyclists and motorists in urban areas and keep HGVs out of London during the day guaranteed you would see less of the most avoidable deaths.

  • Safest helmet to wear - the long blond pony tail.

    Was a test a few years back that showed cars gave most room and passed safely when the rider had a long blond pony tail

  • Keeping HGV's out during say 8am -8pm would increase the cost of goods and would damage businesses in London. Making this very unlikely to happen.

    Better warning equipment on the sides of lorries more likely but again the cheapest option will be taken up.

  • We need those future cars that never seem to have wheels - just bodywork down to the floor.
  • Flat Footed wrote (see)

    Safest helmet to wear - the long blond pony tail.

    Was a test a few years back that showed cars gave most room and passed safely when the rider had a long blond pony tail

    If that's true it's pretty shocking! image

  • cougie wrote (see)
    We need those future cars that never seem to have wheels - just bodywork down to the floor.


    Too many speed humps to damage the body work will stop that idea


    Bloke rode a bike with a helmet, bare headed and with a blonde wig.  He found that drivers passed closest when he had the helmet on, and gave him most room when he was wearing a blonde wig.

  • I'm alright then image

  • You're a bald bloke who wears a girlsblonde wig ? Sorted then !
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