Currently considering an upgrade to use Rotor QRings for next season.

Wondered if any of you had any feedback both positive and negative in regards to using these and interested in any gains/improvements you have experienced using these?

Thanks in advance





  • I have started using doval rings which are similar to Rotor Qrings but a fraction of the price. Not spent alot of time with them but they feel smoother pedaling but not such smooth gear changes. Going to perservere for a few months and then decide whether to stick with them.

  • Right up there with calf guards and power balance bracelets for me.


    As Q were.

  • if you read between the lines of this article - http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest/539315/osymetric-chainrings-do-they-work.html - then you will get the feeling that the jury is out on whether they are beneficial or not and that a lot of the supposed improvement from the use of them is psychological, rather than physical.

    and I do believe Sir Bradley of Wiggindom no longer uses them but I may be wrong there

    personally, I'd save your money and focus on training harder

  • How much are they ? For the pros they might be worth it for the 0.01% improvement they need - but for the vast majority - we'd be better off spending the money on coaching or a training holiday.

    Wiggins ditched his Q rings as its harder to keep the chain on with them. So a possible second or two gain vs the time lost with the chain coming off.
  • Good feedback thanks everyone, Fat Buddha that article is a very good read thanks for passing it on. Looks like I will hold off and keep focussing on the training gains for now.
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