What's the difference between brussel sprouts & bogies?

Any more seasonal jokes?


  • Two snowmen stood on a hill....
    One said to the other
    'can you smell carrots'??

  • Top marks! He got the whole joke in the thread title.
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    BOGIES.......he shouts in true Dick and Dom style........

    not the same shouting sprouts....

    bet no one gets this :o)
  • Gaz, that was only a 5.5 on the bogey scale.
    BOGIES!! now that was a 7.6 at least.
    Why is everyone in the office looking at me like that??
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭

    an 8 at least LOL.............

    Leebo, just shout out loud ;o)
  • Shouted bogies, and someone threw some creamy muck muck? this is war.....
  • bbboooooooooggggiiieeesss

    how do i score ( dick & dom) Gaz & Leebo
  • My god! that made me jump and spill me coffee. That was off the scale, well done you, I am defeated......
  • Why thanks the office are wondering what ive been drinking !!
  • I know im a bit to old for the programme but i think they are really funny, i love it when they have the puppet little bodies.
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    JacquieNeale, that was even better than the one in the cinema, your too good..

    Btw, its my daughters that watch it not me, oh yeah....honest ;o)
  • errr yeah my cats have a nack of turning on the tell after a saturday morning run.

    bloody cats ruling the tv....(do you think i got away with that one)
  • The bogies in the cinema was a classic, bet the kids loved it shouting out 'BOGIES' whilst all the parents cringed in their seats, but I don't watch it either of course, my kids just happened to mention it.:-)
  • Best Saturday laugh about.

    Going to the cinema tommrrow .....hhummmm i wonder ......
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Go on go for it....
    I did it in a small church in York, much to the embarrassment of my daughter, it was just tourists about, there was no service going on.....must start acting my age.
  • Cant beleive you actually did it .... i would have been in fits of giggles if i heard that !!

    Think i maybe in trouble actually doing that in the cinema as its lord of the rings and some people take it very seriously.

    Id end up outside on my own laughing...
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    I think is best not to do it during Lord of the rings, there are a lot of people don't find it funny, my Dad for one....
  • Why does Cherie Blair call Tony her Christmas tree ?

    'Cause his balls are just for decoration .
  • I've just seen this thread.

    My little nieice Emily was at Nursery last year and the teacher was going through the alphabet and she said " right then children can anyone think of a letter beginning with B "
    So hands go up and there was the usual butterfly, bird, ball etc and then Emily stickes her hand up and says
    " bogie ! ......and I eat mine "

    bless her !

    classic ! I can't wait to recount that story on her 18th birthday party
  • I she got a round of applause!
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