IM Lanza and Wales

So although Wales is now sold out (unbelievable! I got my place for this year in June) is anyone else doing Wales and Lanzarote in 2014? (I'm also signed up for Outlaw too - anyone doing all three?).

I know of one definite - Silent Assassin.



  • Lanza and Wales are relatively 'easy' enough to do in a season as there is a good amount of recovery inbetween them ... quite whether Outlaw is viable will depend on what you want from each of them in the way of goals

  • All signed up for now. Outlaw is just to experience it - Lanza and Wales are more focused results. Just wondered if there are any others doing the same
  • And that told you... You Toff Meldy
  • I'm only doing one IM next year, cos I'm poor
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    seems a bit cruel to make any needy children do an ironman

  • Perhaps we should organise Kitten Kats in Need next year...
  • If someone wants to spend their disposable income on multiple IMs so be it and shouldn't catch flack for it - they work hard just as you do KK.  If they train hard and have the talent why not?  And if someone signs up for three IMs then surely they have some idea of the input needed to meet those goals - aye?


  • Think its possible to treat both as an A race due to the amount of time between them, hardest thing if it was me would be to keep the motivation to train for Wales after getting back from Lanza (Although I know you have a goal that should keep you motivated), I would use Outlaw as a training day and maybe consider doing the swim/bike and dropping out of the run.

  • I don't see whats wrong with meldys advice KK ?

    Ironfanny has paid for their three race entries. Its a safe assumption that money to do them isn't an issue here. Sounds like you're just jealous ?

    Train properly for Lanza and you've plenty of time to recover and train up for Wales. As meldy correctly says - throwing outlaw in the mix confuses matters.

    What makes your advice any more valid ? What forums do have checks ? It's a forum after all ?

    I'm sure IF can work out who's giving crap advice.
  • Im fat and shit, ive done multiple Ironman races in one year a number of times.

    As suggested if you can get fit for one Ironman you can potentially do 2, 3 or more?  As suggested by Flat Footed, the hardest thing can be motivation, its difficult to pick up again after the first IM, ive found myself of the start line of subsequent IMs thinking 'what am I doing here'.  Try and plan for this and have some goals, maybe plan a couple of 100 mile rides in between to keep you motivated.

    For some people doing an IM is about being the best, or being the best they can be.  For me its a hobby, a past time and something I enjoy.  I don't remember have to sign up to any eligibility criteria promising id get under x time or increase my VO2 max last time I entered an IM.

    Clearly some people can afford IM more easily than others, just as some people can train for IM easier than others.  Maybe if I didn't have a job which takes me away from home, sees me doing 10-15 hours travelling and maybe 60 hours work a week id be in the latter category. 

    Im not sure about KKs point, clearly you have to be 'monied' to do an Ironman, lets face it, an Ironman entry costs about the same as 12 months Sky subscription, a smart phone, a months ciggies.

  • Or 3 weeks Stella ?
  • Don't you know KK did the double once? And apparently she was good at it. Not as good as Mon who was an hour up the road though. But that was before all the kit came along and ruined everything.

    Who threw that??
  • Wow didn't expect this....just a query as to who may also be doing Lanza and Wales.

    To explain my situation, I'm not 'monied' I'm purely on a motivated mission. My niece died in her sleep whilst supporting me in Tenby so since that day I have decided to follow my dream and do everything in my power to get to Kona as well as raise money in honour of my niece the process. I'm in an age group many don't enter in especially the more difficult of Ironmans. I am not an elite and not particularly fast but that's what I'm working on. Outlaw was booked before Wales when I had the mindset I would never do it again. On September the 8th this year everything changed. Bolton was sold out so I signed up for Wales again to try and qualify and lanzarote's entry was raised between my family as another shot to get to Hawaii.

    So as for motivation I think I've got that one covered. And I agree flat footed outlaw will be a training race - especially if Lanza doesn't go to plan. Always one I have wanted to experience.
  • IF .. sounds good motivation to me, they are all class races and have a fabulous atmosphere
    No need to justify your reasons for doing what you do IMO !

  • I'm not justifying anything - just merely informing. My story is readily available - as flat footed knows
  • Go for it... It's not going to be easy, but if you want something enough you will always overcome the doomongers
  • No indeed ... I have seen too

  • Thanks image let's hope my monied year is a good one even if it is OTT. Looking forward to the experience and atmosphere of them too - I know Wales from experience will be amazing due to the local support
  • Why are you bringing Barleys OH into it? 

    You moan about bullying but that's just what your doing there. 

    Well done.

  • And it was all going so wellimage glad to see KKs back on formimage

  • IronFanny, please don't consider the responses to this thread a reflection on the majority which post on the forum. I'm sure if you hang around you'll find KK is in a minority of one.
  • Fanny, roughly how long did Wales take you last year?  How much work do you need to do in order to qualify?  What's your background? (Don't feel you have to answer these.)

    I don't want to try and teach Granny how to suck eggs and I'm sure you've thought it all through but I'm a bit concerned about mixing your missions here.  Doing multiple IM events if you want to be good (ie qualify) is hard work from a range of perspectives.  You cut a very fine line between training well and getting injured or becoming susceptible to injury.  Your objectives are different to those of us who do this as a sporting hobby.  This year Funkin did Lanza, IMUK (where he qualified) and Kona (of course).  Flyaway qualified at IMUK, as did Joddly, and they both went to Kona.  I know other athletes who have raced two IM events in a year in order to qualify.  I'm sure they would all tell you that it really takes it out of you.  I wonder if three events is going a bit too far.  I don't know if you are a seasoned athlete or not but please do go into what you are doing with your eyes open.  Look at how each event fits into your season. Do you work full time?  How much time do you have for recovery?  If you have a family, will they support the amount of training this will need from now through to September?

    If I may be so bold, as an outsider looking in, I'd suggest ditching Outlaw and getting back the money that you can or alternatively, converting to a relay team and doing swim/bike as a long training session.  Even as a long training session, Outlaw does not replicate the Wales course as it's flat.  I can't see how it's useful to you.

    That's just my take though and you are welcome to tell me to sling my hook!

  • I suppose one question to ask yourself is whether you have a realistic chance of qualifying at Lanza (which might make that your A race) or whether Wales is your big shot.  You might need to change plans depending on how results go.  Good luck!

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