The Perfect Run

..but who cares about the time when there is snow on the ground, its frosty and minus 3 and clear bright blue skies with the sun shinning very bright. 

Just had one of the nicest runs...and I had to drag my butt out.  After a few niggles and not enjoying my last few runs with a touch of manflu yesterday image thrown in I had envisaged today's run to be a complete bind.  It was just last week I did a 6 miler and repeated "I f-ing hate running" the whole way around (got the hip niggle sorted!!)

Thank goodness I run, imagine never experiencing this high!  Anyone else having a good/bad/indifferent type of day?


  • Last night, a cold but very calm night. I hated it at the start, thought to myself i can't wait to get to the end. 2Miles in and i just wanted to keep going, ended up 51/2 miles, managed a personal best and almost went for longer, if it had'nt been so dark (damn council cut backs) and the fact i was almost back to the car i would have.

    hoping tomorrow will be the same.

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