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I'm undecided whether to get the OMM Kamleika Race Jacket or the cheaper Ronhill Ladies Vizion Photon Jacket. I'm running four times a week London marathon training, not doing any ultras, no trail races or extreme weather running, just want something to keep me warm and dry when out in the now colder and wetter weather. Is the OMM Kamleika going a bit far and will the Ronhill do or is it worth forking out the extra cash on the OMM? Any advice much appreciated! image 


  • Check out Aldi on Thursday. Cycling kit is in and one of their jackets works wonders. You could probably buy 4 from there for the price of 1.
  • OMM seems a bit ott for just training for one marathon.  Just get a little wet occasionally image

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    I'd say that if you want a jacket to keep you warm and dry then focus on getting one that is waterproof...  You can always wear more layers to keep you warm.

  • Did you get a running jacket in your VLM "i'm in magazine" had one in the rejected magazine.  If you got one, then won't that do?

  • Any true waterproof will leave you soaked in sweat. Wind proof and shower resistant should do you. And yes my VLM reject jacket works fine for winter. And plus side is that it's so roomy I could wear about 20 fleeces underneath. Perfect.
  • Thank you all for your advice. Running jacket with VLM magazine?? Magazine landed on doormat just yesterday and haven't looked at it properly yet but didn't see a made-to-measure running jacket tucked insideimage Am I being thick or missing something? Yes, think OMM a bit OTT as not up Everest. Just feel the cold so (Raynaud's) and wanted to be warm and dry on these yukky evenings. Booktrunk - read lots about your running/weight loss journey. Inspiring, very well done. Cougie - Will check out Aldi this weekend - thanks! image

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    If you have a TKMAXX nearby then have a look in there as I have picked up a couple of decent bargains in the last few years.

    It can be pot luck though.
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