Torn Plantar fascia and plantar fasciitis

Hi, been troubled a few years ago by plantar fasciitis, and then it flared up again this summer whilst training for a October marathon. I felt something 'tear' on the last long run the week before the race and could barely walk. I had a steroid injection, and decided to run. (the report is on the Ascis Target 26.2 2013 thread) Needless to say it was one of the most painful experiences I have had.

I have now not run for almost a month, and an MRI has shown chronically inflammed plantar fascia with a partial tear medially.

How long will I need to take off running, as really want it to heal properly, and can't face not running again....


  • I've had a pretty serious case of PF (no scans to determine the extent of the damage though) and have only just been able to walk without limping for the first time in three months... But I know it varies from person to person. What treatment are you having/doing?

  • Plantar fasciitis is a terrible thing and a complete tear can affect you upwards of 3-9 months and beyond that depending on the extent of the injury. If there is a complete tear, you may want to contact a GP for a possible surgery.


    If it is just plantar fasciitis then it is very treatable. King Brand makes a plantar treatment that has seen great success in treating PF. Using Cold Compression and Blood flow stim in combination do wonders for PF sufferers.



    Hope this helps!  

  • As I am still recovering from my ("quite small") PF injury in June, I occasionally spot threads like this.

    The most useful article I found by far was here:

    (warning: it gives 6-18 months as typical recovery times - if you want better news, look elsewhere!)

  • Thanks Mmmatt! I am trying to rest and have not run since the marathon on 13 October ????

    i am still finding it to be stiff and as your article suggests standing for longperiods doesn't  help- I'm a surgeon. I do tty to stretch and will see how it is in the New year.

    What hae you done with your injury? Are you still running? Were you racing or training when you got injured?


  • Eeeek! I wish I had something useful to tell you Clive. Anyway ...

    I've done no running since the tweek, except a gentle test jog-walk every month-ish. Luckily cycling is my main sport, and injuries rarely affect cycling badly - otherwise I'd be climbing the walls now! A day on the bike usually puts my foot in a better state than a day of general 'life', so I don't think it's a factor.

    I've only ever had 1-out-of-10 pain with this, but I knew something was wrong. After weeks of rest I went to a well-regarded running Physio. His input was much as in that article, plus he diagnosed some gait oddities - these may be due to lack of strength in various areas, and 'may' have led to my injury. There is waaaaay too much uncertainty in all this image

    I've been stretching, massaging, and icing after activity (or at night). I only saw any improvement after about 5 months, but stepping up the jog-walking (5+5mins!) increased the pain again. So currently I'm easing back - just strength stuff.

    I know a lot of sufferers 'manage' their PF i.e. run despite not having fully recovered. I'm hoping this is due to impatience, where 6 months was too long to wait - understandably. HOPEFULLY I can get over this by waiting. And waiting. ... :crossesfingers: ...

  • With my history of plantar fasciitis, tightness of the calves is definitely a huge factor. I find that proper stretching of the legs/calves including using a foam roller would help immensely with prevention- good shoes and proper running form will also help you make great strides. Most people assume that once they get plantar fasciitis, that stretching it or wearing orthotics will help- big no no. The plantar is a thin tissue comprising of 3 bands (tough fibrous tissue) which like any other of your muscles, will further tighten and get agitated when stressed. Would you jab at an open wound? Stretching and using hard orthotic inserts will essentially be the same thing. My secret just literally consists of icing, rest, massaging, Dr. Scholl’s athletic gel soles/inserts (super soft supports that wont cause further harm) and BFST Plantar Wrap (stimulates blood flow in my plantar using EMR to bring nutrients and oxygen back into my feet to promote healing).

  • Thanks Blackirish- will try it. been stretching my claves a lot, as foot feels generally 'tight' when I get up in the morning. sure the fasciitis is settling though.

  • I've heard that "kingbrand" produce some products aimed at PF sufferers. You probably haven't heard of them.

    Hopefully they'll get someone to sign-up to RW, search for PF, and plug their products. Maybe even a couple of people.

  • I had a tear in my PF in the arch. I don't remember the length, but it took about 4-5 months to heal during which I didn't run.

    I had it scanned at the outset and was told not to run for about this period. I wore trainers pretty much all the time. I had physio and was fitted for custom orthotics, which I wore in my trainers while I was recovering but were not a success when running, and I don't use them now. The best investment was seeing a proper sports doctor and having the scan up front - they knew what they were dealing with and were able to advise. In my case I'm not sure the physio or orthotics contributed much.

    Running is my main sport and during recovery focused instead on cycling significant distance and shorter high hr sessions in the gym to keep fitness.

    That was 2 years ago and I haven't had problems since, though get the occasional flash from scar tissue. However, my tear sounds 'cleaner' than yours.
  • @blackirish agreed - started seeing a running coach for the first time this year and it turned out I was an over strider with low cadence and high arches (my calves are less tight now because this was picked up at the time of my treatment)

    PF probably has a multitude of contributory factors but think there is huge value in getting one or two 1/1 sessions with a coach to get some guidance on form if you've never done this
  • SS:

    Where does one find a "sports doctor"? They sound marvellous!

    (I suspect it's a case of "if you have to ask, you can't afford it sonny... " )

  • Mmmatt - Actually it was a referral from my GP to a doctor who specialised in sports and exercise medicine. So I guess you could ask your GP or physio for a recommendation. The sports doctor correctly diagnosed PF (the GP had thought it was tendonitis) and referred me for a scan to confirm. I was very lucky in that I managed to get this through my company's health insurance.

  • Yes, you were very lucky image

  • I have had PF for 9 weeks now...I have seen a podiatrist twice and now an osteopath who is trying shockwave treatment .. I have tried  resting,tried gentle running..every stretching excercise going I am trying..I did tape it for a few weeks ,maybe I should go back to it.I have just pulled out from London marathon 

  • I'm, fingers crossed, coming through a bout of PF though it doesn't sound like I got it as bad as most - it stopped me running for 2-3 months.

    I tried rolling the frozen water bottle, calf and foot exercises. What seemed to really fix me was religiously stretching and foam rollering - especially my calves.

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