Trionium Leith Hill Half-Marathon

This is usually quite popular - come early for the Wife Carrying Race. Anyone up for it?


  • Coming from Belgium I'll be there for the first time. Atmosphere seems great and friendly (seen on their site). Hope it will be tough as described... Scenery looks nice too. All ingredients to attract me towards UK once again !

  • Christophe, if you are coming all the way from Belgium, then you may as well enter the UK Wife Carrying Race while you are here for a warm-up - I'm sure we can find you a British 'wife' for the day if required.

  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    Evening. Planning on this - if I enter the wife carrying race, do I also have to pay to take part in the half-marathon?

  • Snap! - Yes you do. They are separate races.

  • I've been on the Trionium site and think that the Man vs Bike experiment looks awesome.  I have already entered the half and did not register interest for this using Q5.  Am I too late?

  • I will poll the runners who previously didn't have the option to enter the Man v Bike experiment. Thanks for your enthusiasm on this!

  • Dear Robert, thanks for your advice but unfortunately I'm coming with "own" "real" wife who  won't probably agree with your idea... Nevertheless your idea was nice and this kind of mini race is awesome, it doesn't exist in Belgium or France and that's why I regularly come in UK to race! Amazing race spots + friendly atmosphere + real challenges. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen!

  • 100 places left as of now. Going at a rate of approximately 10 a day. Be quick!

  • Any places left?

  • Yes, about 50 or so, as of now....

  • Wife has agreed to do the WCR again ............................. Cooking last roast dinner tonight for 7 weeks !! (Fine tuning require though as don't want to carry any of those tins)

  • 10 places left...

  • 5...

  • 0!

    It's now full! Sorry, strictly no entries on the day. Still desperate for a place? Then ask on this discussion thread - you might be lucky.

  • Hey,

    Just come across the Leith Hill Half.

    Can you squeeze me in please?

  • Hello

    I ran the Leith Hill half in arctic weather last year and would love the chance to do so again in slightly more benign conditions this time. If a spare place in the race comes up please let me know.


  • Sorry, it is full!

  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭

    If passing on a place, email me with name of old runner and details of new runner (name, email, DoB, club, age, any medicals).

  • Hi Robert

    Are there any places going? I convinced my friend to enter and by the time I tried, the event was full! desperate to get a place so we can run together. Any chance?



  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭

    It's really full... but some kind soul might offer you a place via this forum thread...

  • Are you needing marshals/photographers?
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭

    I always need marshals! Please email me at rob at trionium do t com.

  • so has anyone got a spare place? cheers!

  • Due to injury and lack of training I also have a spare place going - any takers?

  • Hi

    I am looking for an entry for this race - so please let me know if anyone still has a spare entry.

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