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Hi I've started run/walk about three weeks ago - been on treadmill 3min run/ 2 min walk that kind of thing. I am able to run solidly for 10min at the very slow pace of 7.5kph. Did my first outdoor run today and ran for 10min and the. Had to walk/ run the rest. Only managed 2.5 km in 20min!!! Would really like to know if I am officially the slowest 'runner' on the planet. By the way I'm 5ft 7 and carrying a staggering 14 stone 8lb around with me every time I run! Any one in a similar situation?


  • Hi Lottie and welcome to the world of running image

    Firstly, congratulations on taking the big step into this running lark and am guessing you have started to help lose weight as much as general fitness? There is a reasonably new thread here where several people are around the 2-5 mile mark (and a friendly bunch they are too). Why not take a peek and maybe join in?

    As for your pace  don't even think about it right now as slow and steady time on your feet is what will improve your aerobic capacityimage


  • Lots of us have been where you are now. 

    Well done on starting image sounds like it's going great, just keep on going image

  • Don't worry about your speed you are still going quicker than someone sat on a couch watching TV! It, along with stamina to run further, will come with time and practise.

    Focus on running at a pace where you can still have a chat. Slow and steady really does win the race when you are starting out image

    Good luck!

  • Lottie, running outside is going to be more difficult than the treadmill, so just take the time to re-adjust and dont worry about it. Stick to your plan and you will get there in the end!

  • Hi Lottie and congratulations on getting started, I only started running a few months ago and have just reached running for 30 mins I can assure you that you are not the slowest runner you would have to slow down quite a lot just to run along side me image

    but as the others have said don't worry about speed it's all about time on your feet and miles in your legs, if you aren't already following a set plan then maybe have a look at a couch to 5k (C25K) it's on the NHS website and comes with podcasts to tell you when to walk and run.

  • So after reading everyone's comments I took your advice and put only gloves & headed out again late afternoon. I kept chanting go as slow as you can without walking and I kept going for 15 min- I then walked for 30 seconds & then started running again for a further 5 min. My average pace was 7.4kph. From the park I walked back at pace in 20min.

    Over the moon that I managed to run for longer than 10min. I completed my first proper mile in 12 min- I know it's slow but I feel I have stepped over a huge bArrier. Just like to say thanks for your encouragement and advice xx
  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    a 12 min mile isnt too bad, that'd get you round a marathon in 5:15 or so, which isnt too shabby!

  • A marathon!!! Haha! Looking at a 5k first. Did a 5km 4 years ago & think I ran it all (I have a terrible memory- part of being bipolar I'm afraid) anyway I also did a 10k a few months after that but it all seems like another life/another person.

    My aim is to get a 5km run comfortably under my belt and to try & make running part of my life.

    I loved today . Loved it !!! At one point completely forgot I was running at just thought about how beautiful the park looked, even in the drizzle!
  • Hi Lottie3, excellent effort and dedication! image

    Do you have a parkrun near you? They are great at getting people running/walking outdoors, has people of all ages, all abilities, including people who walk the whole 5k. Great for charting your progress image

  • Think there is a park run reasonably close every sat but I'm not confident enough for that yet.

    Did a 20 minute run today sandwiched in between 5 minutes of walking either side. The run itself was fine but when I starts walking again that pain in my shins and right thigh was excruciating - got in the pool & swam 45 lengths it really helped wit the pain!
  • Hi -- Jim here from 5live. I am looking for new runners (you took it up in the past year) to interview in a piece about the rising popularity of running. please reply here or dm me @gyme7 on twitter. Thanks 



  • Hi Jim what do you want to know? Ask me anything
  • Hi Lottie,

    I've been running since June, I can run 4 miles now, but I'm still slower than you.  My 5k time is 40 minutes and not matter how hard I try I can't get any faster.  Well done on getting out there, that's the hardest thing of all.

  • Go for the parkrun Lottie. I'm a lot slower than you and I really enjoy them, no pressure, no hassle just really friendly and encouraging fellow runners. Ps I would kill for a 12 minute average!! Well done on starting and keep it up, you will find tons of encouragement here. image

  • I've only started running in the last month, started walk run but the last three times I've been out have managed to run 5k running it all. I have joined the local Parkrun. It's really good and the ones at my local are really supportive. I'd say from one beginner to another go for it

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