Anyone ran in More Mile Cheviot 2 trail shoes?

Sorry if this has been done before. Has anyone done any off road running in the very cheap More Mile cheviot 2 trail shoes? I reckon I'm gonna get a pair for training in. I would welcome views on this trainer.


  • I use the Cheviot 1 trainer. Dunno what the difference is between them and ver 2. I like them. They're basic and grip well on soft ground and have stood up to plenty of punishment so far. For the price you can't go wrong.

  • Guess that's a no then........ They must be shyte!
  • I have just bought a pair. Have run a couple of times in them on really muddy trails. I am impressed. Great grip and comfy. And for the price, can't go wrong in my opinion.

  • I've done a couple of off-road 20 km races in the Cheviot 1s and thought they were great; brilliant grip and a good price.  Quite a few folk at my running club have the Cheviot 2s and they like them.

  • Oh great! Was wondering if they would split after 30 mile. Might give em a try now. Cheers
  • How heavy are they? Just out of interest.
  • Not very heavy at all. They are not featherweight shoes but for a rugged trail shoe I did expect them to be heavier which i was pleasantly surprised about. In my trail running group about 4/5 have now got these and no one dislikes them. I don't think they will  outlast the expensive well known brands but our group leader has done a good few hundred miles in his and they are still going strong.

  • When it's wet and claggy, weight isn't much of an issue; mud sticks to all kinds of training shoes.

  • I've used the More mile road shoes too.  It's a bit annoying that they don't do half sizes, but they were fine and I ran all my on-road marathon training in them.  I roughly must've gotten about 300 miles out of them.  If you like a minamalistic type of running shoe, that's very light; these are fine.

    Sizing is normal.


    They seem interesting as I've been thinking of getting some trail shoes but not wanting to spend silly money like I do on everything else. 


  • They do half sizes. I got 8.5 and I normally run in an 8. I should have got the 8 as the half size is slightly too big so have to wear 2 pairs of socks. So I would say they are true to size. Can't fault them for the price they are at the moment.

  • I'm gonna get some next week unless I can get a good price on a pair of mudclaws I've seen on eBay. Thanks for the tips everyone. Ill now be able to do just one more mile haha .
  • Wooj did you get the Cheviots in the end? If so what are they like?

  • I bought a pair on Jan 2nd. Pro's: cheap, grippy in mud, good fit, don't shred your feet on stretches of tarmac

    Con's: Take ages to dry out once wet. And more alarmingly, mine have completed 80ish miles, and the uppers have fallen apart. So after 4 weeks they are going to be sent back.

    This is a pity, 'cos they otherwise give mudclaws a run for their money.

    PS: I'm small, slim, don't pronate or have any other gait problems - just run a lot of miles!!

  • Mine are fine: not a fan of them on Tarmac, but then I like lots of paddingimage in mud they are fantastic. I love them for mud. 

  • like running with two tractor tyres on your feet they are so grippy, I love them. I had to cut the back 2 nobbles down a bit as there  is no heel cushioning, but ive done lots of hard miles on them and I think theyre great. beat the hell out of the addidas candida 4 ii had before, kept getting twisted ankles in them.


    don't run on tarmac in them, itll do your feet in. get up some hills

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Mountain goat, cheers should I walk on my hands for the mile on tarmac before the trail? Or swap shoes after that mile? 


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    in case you don't understand that is sarcasmimage  I still like them but find that I develop a dry patch with beginnings of blistering on my right big toe with them, still content, but wouldn't run an ultra in themimage 

  • Save your money and put it towards Innov8 Mudclaws! I have two pairs which both have 700 miles+ and a BGR on them and still holding up. The Cheviots started to split where the foot bends after 60 - 70 miles. Took them back to Start Fitness and they weren't interested. It's a no brainer!!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    My Cheviot 1s look like they're due replacing now. Chunks of the material are coming away at the heel and it's beginning to rub although no blisters yet.

    They've done 300 miles, they've taken me across fields and through sand dunes and they're caked in clag and shit and the nearest thing they've had to a clean is me running through puddles.

    They cost £30 plus postage so I'm happy enough with that. I think they're now down to £25 so it's another pair for me.

    Edit: Start Fitness have knocked them down to £20. Bargain!

  • Hi Guys, What are these like for Cross country? Wore spike last season which Sadly fell apart in the mud, wondered for the price what these would be like...

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