Paula Radcliffe

Well done Paula Radcliffe on the
Euro 10,000 win.Inspiration to
us all:)


  • Fantastic.... I`d have trouble doing a 10k that quick on a bike!!!!
  • I'll second that - she was, as in the FLM 2002, truly awesome. She took a world class field and totally anihilated them.

    And if only the lapped runners had got out of the way, instead of making her run another 50 metres, she'd have gone sub 30.

    I reckon she'll shatter the world record in the Chicago marathon.

    Wonder if she'll go for the 5000 later in the week too? ;-)

  • Isn't she great!
    Shame about the lapped runners.
  • I was feeling totally emotional at the end of that, absolutely fan-bloody-tastic and truly inspirational. Paula just gets better and better.
    Yes I think she'll be in the 5k later and will once again decimate the field (as long as tonight didn't take too much out of her).
    It's made me look forward to my run tomorrow morning!

  • Totally unbeliveable, the best race I have ever watched.
  • Brilliant to watch - just sorry she couldn't quite break 30 mins...
  • Wow! I do track work once a week and I can't run one lap as quick as Paula's slowest lap of the amazing 10k! I hope that Paula breaks the world record in Chicago.
  • Paula was absolutely magnificent; what a year she is having, and what a privilege to watch a bit of history being made. Did it occur to anyone else that she would have broken 30 minutes this evening had the runners she lapped given way to allow her to go through on the inside of the track?

  • Me again; I see by reading through the other posts that the lapped runner problem HAS occurred to others. When did the practice of moving aside vanish?

    Well, it was a great inspiration, regardless; let's hope she feels fit for the 5k.

    Wow, time for A LOT more speedwork.
  • Well done Paula, an inspiration to runners & non-runners everywhere. Let's hope this inspires more people to take up running so that one day another hopeful can raise the British Flag!

    How many people watching were shouting at their TV's in encouragement?! I know I was. ;o)

    Also try not to forget Sonia O'Sullivan who also ran under 31 minutes, & achieved Silver & THE Irish record.

    Well done once again.
  • WOW!!! FANTASTIC!!! WOW!!!
  • Hey there, everyone across "The Pond"!! Here in the US, distance coverage is HORRID....if anyone happened to video-tape Paula's great 10,000 (even if it's in Euro "Pal" format, I can get it converted), PLEASE contact me....I'd love to get a copy of it, and will gladly pay the cost to you. Email me at Thanks!!! --Steve in the States
  • .....and I bet all the non-runners out there were thinking "Why didn't she just run one second faster - she obviously wasn't trying"

    If anything makes you want to go out and run gut busting intervals to get faster - Paula's run did.

    Truely amazing.
  • The amazing thing for me was that having just destroyed the field... she was initially disappointed with herself!

    What is she going to do next? Anything seems possible at the moment.

    For those lucky enough to be running the Nike 10K.... I've heard you'll have the honour of running in the same race as the great woman.... even if it's is much slower!
  • On the subject of Paula R. is the secret to her success in the socks, anyone any ideas why she wears long ones. Saw a piccy the other day and they look like compression socks.
  • Does that mean she's not doing the Flora Light 5K this year? :( I'm not doing the Nike 10K!
  • I too was shouting at the telly - it was soooo awe where did I put my trainers?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Fantastic. Yes, I was shouting at the telly too, as she came down the finishing straight. What a hero!

    WW - yes they are comression socks (interview on Eurosport News last night) and she feels that they help stop her legs getting fatigued over longer distance. She also keeps them on for a couple of hours after the race to help get rid of the lactic acid.

    I'm off up to Boots at lunchtime for some surgical stockings!!!
  • Absolutely fantastic - she just really blew them all away. Its got to be Paula for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. What a year she is having!

    Well done to Sonia O'Sullivan also who also had a magnificent race. She gave birth at the beginning of the year, and look at how well she ran.
  • Absolutely brilliant! What really boosts me is that it hasn't always been easy for Paula but she just goes on working harder and harder. It makes me feel that if I work harder then I should get better too.

    Well done to both Paula and Sonia. Inspirational!
  • Ah... MY Paula!!! She'd have easily blitzed the elusive 30 minute barrier if it hadn't been for the blocking of the inside lane by the lapped ones! It was breath taking to see her belting past the others, she looked like she was sprinting and everyone else, jogging! boos and hisses to Ribiero... couldn't hack it so rather than finish the race in a rubbish position she pulled out! I did however enjoy the fact that she was throttled by the wonderful P!
  • Inspirational - Hard work and effort does pay off it would seem... I'm off to revise my training plan!!!
    Congrats Paula on a fantastic achievement, and a time that will be perceived by many as the fastest ever.... awesome.
  • I missed the live coverage because I was working until very late yesterday evening, but look forward to seeing a video of the race. My daughter and husband were raving about Paula Radcliffe's performance last night, and when I arrived at work this morning the receptionists were raving about it too.

    My personal inspiration, though, is Fauja Singh, the old fella in his 90s who does the London Marathon in a respectable time every year for charity. I'll never be like Paula Radcliffe - she's just different protoplasm from me - but I hope I can be a marvellous-for-my-age old lady 50 years hence.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Given that some people think female distance runners improve after having a baby when do you think Paula should think about producing the first mini Lough-Radcliffe?

    She is awesome, I was screaming at the tv in that final straight.
  • I watche dthe Commonwealth games and what an inpsiration she is to all of us.....I was running a 10k Road race last night in the Summer League and when I started to feel tired I thought of her accomplishment and thought if she won't give in why should I........I even managed to get a PB of 54:10......

    WELL DONE PAULA your an inspiration to ALL of us
  • What a runner Paula Radcliffe is, in fact shes more than a mere mortal like us. I agree about the passing of the runners although it avoids confusion and goes some way to preventing collisions I suppose but in this case cost her sub 30 minutes.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    She is amazing! I was literally screaming at the TV as she raced frantically at the end to duck under 30 minutes: so close! Since when did the policy of lapped runners moving aside to allow passage on the inside of the track become obsolete? If they'd moved aside she'd have definitely gone under the 30 minutes.

    I feel a renewed enthusiasm for speed work coming on! I'll need it as even my 5K time is only about 5 minutes faster than Paula's 10K time!!
  • And it's also fantastic to have Paula as a well-needed female role model. If she can attain her goals, then surely I can attain mine, slowly but surely.
  • It was awesome !
  • Paula was absolutely brilliant and I echo what everyone else said. Having chatted to her very briefly when Lloyd Scott finished the London Marathon, she comes across as a lovely down to earth person as well. She is an extraordinary human being in every way.

    I also feel it is appropriate to acknowledge Dwain Chambers after he destroyed the field in the European 100m last night by running 9.96 into a headwind!!! He has proved just what a real winner he is after all the crap that was thrown at him after the Commonwealth 100m.

    Attaboy Dwain!!!!!!!!

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