Endurancelife Northumberland Marathon 2014



  • We were very lucky with the weather.

    Finishing without a medal is a shame on the organization I think. Not too pleased. Hight tide an organizational error in my opinion especially since the utra had to run that beach bit twice.

    Climbing the fence at the start? Was one phone call to the castle too much? To have the gate openend? No idea.

    Am I too bitchy? Maybe but I did not understand several things about the run to be honest, especially the medal thing. Yes I am childish enough to want a medal after finishing my first ultra Booh

  • Did they run out of medals?  I got a medal for finishing the Marathon - similar style/quality to the one I got for finishing the GNR,  It just says coastal trail series 2014 Northumberland so I'm guessing the same one was given to 10K, half and ultra runners.  For me the medal isn't important, but I can understand people wanting some sort of memento. 

    I really enjoyed the marathon and thought the event was quite well organized from my point of view. Weather was good & lots of scenery along the route. Got a print out of time with splits on completing the marathon - never had this before with other races.  Also, endurancelife have been quick to publish results & photos on their website.  

    I finished the marathon on the slower side of my estimations 4hrs 13min.  I set off too quickly and was paying for it by the half way point.  The second half of the marathon was a struggle, but somehow I still enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll do it again next year. image

  • I realized that people who are not familiar with the beaches don't even know that normally there is a great and broad hard beach. It is beyond me why you would organize the run with high tide to be honest. And leaving the bull and calves in the last field on the ultra loop is a problem. Obviously everyone was lucky but so many problems arise with bulls, cows and calves that I was surprised to see they were still there (despite my mail as well). So it was just a matter of adding up small things really that surprised me.

    Weather was good, route was great (but I already knew) and for me the run was easy (but I was simply enjoying it with the dog and was slow). No problems aches or pains what so ever and I have been running twice again and did not feel a thing.

    Good to hear all of you did well and enjoyed it!


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