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I couldn't find any thread about this so I decided to make one. Post all of your PB times on here whatever distance you run. I think it would be good to see how fast people on this forum are respective to each other and everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Also if you get a new PB feel free to post again with your updated times! image



  • 400m - 1:08
    800m - 2:40
    1500m - 5:00
    5k - 19:38

  • You seem to have overlooked something very important MWRI: you've got people of all ages and abilities on here. Comparisons with other people are pretty much irrelevant.


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Its not a bad idea as far as new thread ideas go. Perhaps people put sex and age on?

  • Sex. Yes please. Age any so long as legal
  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    DT19 wrote (see)

    Its not a bad idea as far as new thread ideas go. Perhaps people put sex and age on?

    There's already been a thread along those lines...  I think it included height and weight as well...  As I recall it got a few more posts than this thread has but not many more.

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Sex. Yes please. Age any so long as legal

    Actually if the thread can be just about sex it will be much more interesting.

  • Sex PB's Screamy? image

    Wonder how long it would be before the thread got locked.....?


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Chimney wrote (see)

    Sex PB's Screamy? image

    Wonder how long it would be before the thread got locked.....?


    Anything from a few minutes to a few hours - but that would be some sort of tantric thing image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Bearing in mind that the vast majority of posters came to running when already grown up, I think a better idea on times would be reveal the ones that made you go. 'wow! I wish I could do that', when you first started running.

    And subsequently how close to those times you actually ran youself.

    For me it was sub 1:20 for a half marathon when I ran a 1:28.

    Subsequently I ended up running sub 1:14

  • 2 hour marathon. Good or bad? And believe me I'm fit. I train twice a day 7 days a week and climb mountainsimage

  • 5km 22:51

    10km 45:10

    Half-marathon  1:47

    Marathon 3:48

    40 miles 5:52

    Ironman 15:51

    All done at different ages, 'cos I've been a runner for 52 years

  • Flob wrote (see)
    Great thread idea- it makes a hangs from idiots wanting to know if they should do their impending marathon on a broken leg or not and the other threads by people who think clearing leaves up is fascinating because they have done it...
    20:48 5k
    43:21 10k
    I've not raced at other distances so am just base training now in a bid to beat the above times next spring.
    I am not adding my age as I think the WAVA huggers are all oldies and I don't count myself as one of them yet. I just compare me to me as that is how I judge progression.

    Ah another pop at me, how mature of you.

    I have differences of opinion with people but I don't carry them over into other threads.

    Anyway, I'm going to save you time by putting you on "ignore". That it's taken 6 years to find someone so offensive that I'd want to says quite a bit I think.


  • And believe me I have tried hard to be the first

    Looks like you've got a Canute all of your ownimage

  • Did you dear? Epic fail! image

    Yes, my own Canute - but with some of the letters missing image

  • If you want to compare yourself against other runners try Run Britain.

    (number 1 M35 in my postcode image )


    5K - 19:47

    10K - 42:08

    10M - 69:04

    HM - 1:32:53

    M - 4:16: something


  • 5M - 26.01

    10M - 55.59

    Just put these 2 down as I am hoping to better both - 5m at Wolverton this weekend and 10m next weekend at Nene Valley. I'm just going to stare at them trance like and listen to 'Eye of the Tiger' at he same time. Bound to help image

  • Blimmin' eck Simon, you're flying at the moment.  Sub-26 for 5 miles would be pretty special.  As for your 10 mile time - come on man, sort it out!!


  • Cheers matey. Yes, definitely more confident about the ten after the Stevenage half (74.17). Yes, should be OK for lower 55's if all goes well.

    The 5 tomorrow will be alot harder, but for a change the weather looks ok (even the Wolverton 5 organisers had given up on the weather after years of gales/frost/rain)..

    We'll see..

  • Mine are all many years ago when I was young

    Mile 4:51

    2 Miles 10:46

    3 miles 16:22

    5K 17:07

    5 Miles 27:33

    10K 35:04

    10 Miles 57:29

    Half Marathon  75:04

    15 Miles 93 something

    16.8 miles 1:39:15

    20 miles 2:20 but only 'raced' it once

    26.2  2:41:31

    Not young anymore and a lot slower

  • Need to have a look back. My best times were posted in the late 1980s.

  • SEdanSEdan ✭✭✭

    I never ran at school.

    My first race was the New York Road Runners "Gridiron Classic" in Central Park on Super Bowl weekend in 2012.

    That was a 4 mile race which I finished in 33:03 (8:14 pace).

    My most recent parkrun 5k is a PB of 19:32.

    Some improvement but still more to do!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    5k- 19.23

    10k 39.47

    Hm- 1.27.07

    All less than 12 months old and hoping they are bettered soon. Think I need to try some other distances! 

  • Danrees and DT19 I think we need to get our 5K parkrun times down to sub 19:00 image, hopefully I have a ways to improve as I only started at the beginning of this year. 

  • 400m 51.1


    800m 1:55.2


    1500m 3.55.1


    Half Marathon 74.26


    Need to double check others

  • birkmyre wrote (see)

    400m 51.1


    800m 1:55.2


    1500m 3.55.1



    ...I've only just realised that your avatar is a picture of a small creature playing a guitar.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Is it wise for me to post my mediocre times on here, or will I just get laughed at image

  • Happy to post my mediocre times. They are, after all, good for me.

    5k: 22:54 (Nov 2013)

    10k: 46:25 (April 2013)

    HM: 2:00:33 (June 2011)

    Mara: 4:19:16 (May 2013)

    Disappointed with my marathon time given the training i'd done for it, and the 10ks I'd done shortly before it, which led me to believe sub4 was a realistic target, but hey ho, we live and learn. I'll have another crack at sub4 next April. I'd like to go under 22:00 for the 5k before then too, and possibly under 46:00 for the 10k. I probably won't race a Half any time soon.




  • They are GFG times(Good for a Ginger) Then I suppose Gs would be GFG too. One person mediocre is another person's "fuck*** hell mate!"

  • birkmyre wrote (see)

    400m 51.1


    800m 1:55.2


    1500m 3.55.1


    Half Marathon 74.26


    Need to double check others

    I bet McMillan gave you a ludicrous time for half based off that 800!!

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