My '2014 Running Challenge'

Hi Guys, 

I am currently base building ahead of my '2014 Running Challenge' which is 20 Half Marathons and 14 Full Marathons in 1 Year. I am planning on using all the 1/2's as part of my Long Runs. But I am also running London in April and want this to a fast one and its a such a famous race. This is my training so far. 

Marathon Training...... Leading up to the 2014 Challenge and London Marathon.


22 Weeks To Go (Aim is to go 75k)

Monday 10.3k
Tuesday 10.5k
Wednesday 10.9k am and 6.12k pm
Thursday rest
Friday 10.9k
Saturday 30.9k
Sunday rest

Weekly total = 79.0k


21 Weeks To Go ( Aim is to go 80k)

Monday 12.5k
Tuesday 10.2k
Wednesday 12k am and 6.13k pm
Thursday 12.1k
Friday 12k
Saturday Rest
Sunday 16.9k

Weekly total = 82.1k

20 Weeks To Go (Aim is to run 90k)

Monday 12.2k
Tuesday 12.3k am and 11.5k pm
Wednesday 12.1k
Thursday 12.4k am and 10.3k pm
Friday 12.2k am and 5.34k pm
Saturday Rest
Sunday 17.4k

Weekly Total = 106k

19 Weeks To Go (Aim is 110k)

I recently ran ran a Ultra just to see what shape I am in and managed 3hrs 44mins at the marathon mark. This was a XC race so know I can do faster. 

This type of challenge is new to me, I'm doing it for charity and aiming to raise £10k. So I really want to be able to complete it. 

Any advice on how my training is going, or tips on how to stay injury free will be much appreciated. 


Many thanks





  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    What is your current running like eg, training this year, PBs etc.

    Why do you measure everything in kilometres? Most people tend to work in miles.

    Running 80 miles a week 18 weeks out sounds like the milage of a very experienced runner who would be looking at least sub 3 for their marathons, if not 2.45. It sounds an awful lot of milage to me.
  • Current PB's are as follows

    5k 18.20, 10k 38,16, 1/2 Marathon 1hr 28, 20 miles 2hrs 24

    it's my marathon that's weak. Hence building mileage. I was a GFA at London if poss. 



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Are you following a specific plan for the London Marathon?

    You should be able to get a GFA off less milage than that. And less than 9 sessions.

    There seems to be a lot of miles in the week but not a very long run on the Sunday.
  • Not following a set plan, just doing my own. Trying to fit around work commitments at the moment. Hence loading the week as I have not had time on the weekends. 

    But will be doing a 3hr run this weekend Coming. On October 27th I did a Ultra Marathon so am relying on that a little be as work been crazy. 

    The aim at the moment was just getting as much miles in the legs As possible. Then look for a more settled and structured approach once work Calms down. 

  • What's your motivation behind wanting to do this Richard? 

  • Millsy1977 wrote (see)
    Why do you measure everything in kilometres? Most people tend to work in miles.

    Welcome to 2013, the SI unit for distance is the metre by the way.

  • Far from being standard I would say.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Essex, I appreciate that that may be the case but the vast majority of half and full marathoners that I talk to still use miles for distance and min per mile for pace.

    I felt that the OP may get a bit more advice if he used the most "commonly" used measurements among the more experienced runners on here.
  • The motivation behind it is simple....... I want to raise money for charity doing something I have found a love for 'running' last year I did London and raised £2500. I knew I would need to do more this year so designed this challenge. 

    I started using KM as a measurement when I started training a year ago when new to running as have just stuck with it as it's what I'm used to working with. 

    The training is going well, 


    so far this week I have don't the following. 

    Monday 12.3k, Tuesday 22.5k, Wednesday 12k




  • I've got into the habit of running in KMs. There's more of them, but they're over quicker...

  • Hi! I am not going to comment on the training and whether it is suitable etc, as not really my call, but I wondered more about when you said "I am planning on using all the 1/2's as part of my Long Runs".  I am probably also have to do this next year - do you run beforehand and then join the race?  Or do the race and then add more miles afterwards?  Good to hear how others combine the fun of 1/2 mara race day with the ongoing marathon training.

  • As most 1/2 Marathon Races are in the morning then I will turn these days into double day training sessions. I will prob then add a 10k or 15k in the evening as a recovery/slow run. 

    Currently I am nursing a back injury. I completed my weeks training last week with a 13k on the Thursday and 13k on Friday a 26k on Saturday and a 22k on the Sunday. But I am suffering with lower back pains so have only managed 4 Stretching sessions this week. 

    I am rowing in Cardiff this Saturday in the British Championships (a result of cross training and finding out I was good) so am focusing on that. I will hit the running on Sunday prob with a 16miler and a steady pace. 

    The aim will then be to pick up with the running again on Monday. 

    It had been 3 hard weeks, so was a planned recovery week any way. 

    Im looking forward ward to the Challege starting and getting the 1st Few Marathons out the way. I have a Half Planned for Jan 1st and a Full Marathon planned for Jan 4th. 

  • Good luck in Cardiff, will we see you in Brazil? 

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Finished 4th in The British Indoor Rowing Championships over 2k...... Pleased on reflection but know I have more in the tank.

    challenge training restarted did a half marathon yesterday. 

  • So 2014 is now upon us and the challenge has now started. I did my 1st Marathon of the challenge this morning, it what can only be described as difficult conditions. It was tough going but I got round in 3hours and 26mins. So on the whole fairly pleased. 

    Just another 13 full marathons and 20 1/2 marathons to complete. 

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