Running with 10 year old daughter

My daughter wanted to start running with me as I, again, embarked on a beginners 5K programme. She is doing well, but she seems to be tripping over her own feet because she has to slow down so much to run with me!! We are doing the local santa run in a couple of weeks, which she is really excited about.

I cant go any quicker, and I think I am doing well, but I don't want to hold her back, or I  dont want her running off down the street on her own at 0600! (the only time we can fit it in!)

Any advice/experience will be gratefully received.


  • Firstly congrats on getting out there, and even better news getting your daughter active image Perhaps a future Paula Radcliffe in the making?!

    If it was me (And bear in mind I am not a parent) if where you are running is relatively traffic free, pick some kind of landmark, such as the next lampost/bench/bin and tell her to run there and back. This way you keep her in your eyeline and you can pick landmarks at a safe distance!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Forever - well done on starting out again! Its great that your daughter loves to run and you're being a good positive example for her. What about some sort of running club for juniors? You could join the adult session and for her - she could do a different session?

  • its not that you're running too slowly - it sounds like she has pooor balance and co-ordination. has she done any sport before?

    If not, you could work on developing this but I have to agree with Emmy, you're better off sending her to a club where coaches experienced dealing with children will work on these skills with games and relevant fun activities.

  • FTO - I think that's great that you're running with your daughter. I was wondering what your daughter wants to get out of it. Does she want to get faster or does she simply want to spend quality time with get mum, and get a bit fitter in the meanwhile? If it's the latter I don't think you need to do anything different - maybe as Matty says - introduce some short faster sections for her or mix it up and make it fun, like getting her to run backwards or sideways for a bit!? If she wants to take it more seriously then joining a club would be a good step. Good luck!


  • follow her on a bike

    I quite often see people doing this


  • Thanks all. She has developed an interest in sport only in the last year, and in her last school surprised us all with coming 10th out of 80 in her first  2k cross country race. She has never before shown any interest in anything active, and never ran out of school time!

    I think she is just testing the water to see if she likes it, by coming along with me, and I do think she sees it as 1-1 mum time, where she does talk incessantly while I  just puff and nod! I don't want to sign her up for a club yet, until I feel she would want to do it on her own, and set her own goals. The tripping thing may just be co-inciding with a growth spurt,  but I will send her to the next lampost and back to see if that helps! But  I do take on board the advice of letting her remain "slow" to prevent any injuries.

    Thanks again.


  • I think if it's just for 1-1 Mum time that's great and there are things you can do to help your daughter. Do you warm up or just go run? You could always put just 5 mins of dynamic warm up (making it fun of course!) that focus and teach good running form that your daughter can transfer to when she's running (such as exercises that concentrate on running tall, knee lift or planting the foot under the body etc)

    An important note on 'running' clubs for youngsters is that they will not concentrate just on running - they include all the disciplines of running, throwing, jumping as they're far too young to be pushed into one direction.

  • I think if she is going out at 6 am then it must be that she wants the time with her mum more than the love of the running... so i would just keep on doing what you are doing for now until she tells you she wants more or is bored......or decided that her warm bed is more appealing

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