Can do 5k - what's next?

Hi all,

I have just finished a 10 week beginner course to take me to my first 5k parkrun, which I finished in 36:25. Very pleased with my result.

But what comes now? I'm thinking to target under 35mins in 4 weeks but what should my day to day training look like? just more of the same 2-3 mile runs? Or should I go longer or faster in training?

Any advise appreciated.





  • Sandra. What do you think will happen if you do the same routine with no change?


  • Longer/slower once a week - get it up to 5 or 6 miles to start with.  You could try faster in your other shorter runs.  Check out the 5K training plans on here (training section).

  • You have done great to get through your initial target of completing a parkrun!  10 weeks is still relatively new for your body to get used to the impact forces that running produces.  I found the key to staying injury free is to take things slowly.  It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to up the mileage/speed too quickly and then your knees pay the price!  As Daeve suggests I would start to slowly increase the distance of one run a week but try not to increase both distance and speed at the same time!

  • Hi...Try mixing your training up, don't just keep doing the same thing. Start by throwing interval training in once or twice a week to enhance speed and endurance. Strength training will also help, take a look at this:

    Good luck with your Park Runs.

  • I've just started training for a 10k in february.  I'm really slow and don't seem to be able to improve my pace.  So I've decided to improve my distance by following a 10k plan, could that work for you?


  • Thanks guys,

    I think I will do a couple of 5-6k runs and a slightly faster 3-4k run a week. 

    K1TT Im aiming to do a 10k later next year, but probably leave the training for that until spring. Good luck with your race in Feb!

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