strt up running club?

I am keen to start a running club at my children's primary school. They get invited to cross country races (normally two laps of the rugby pitch) and often the kids just cant make it round, they get stitch, or are just not used to running continuously for a period of time. I have offered to run a low key running club after school once a week and wondered if any of you experienced runners out there might have some experience of doing something similar or any useful tips? The children would be primary school age. It seems a shame the enthusiasm will be lost due to lack of simple running know how. All help appreciated. 


  • A mum at my son's school did just this.  I felt they focused too much on the children that could run and getting them to do better in cross-country than helping to develop those with enthusiasm.

    My advice would be to have a plan that covers how many weeks you are there for and stick to it.  Something for the good runners and something for the slow plodders.  Mostly make it fun, running round in circles for half an hour isn't going encourage anyone.

  • If you don't have one already, you'll need a DBS check.  The school will have to arrange this.

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    Thanks for the replies. I think it would be good fun for all.

    The school issue letters two days before the cross country race and say go run, represent the school, with no support whatsoever. It seems a shame no team spirit is generated for the children to get involved in.

    I think your'e right K1TT - it should be fun for all, speedy or plodders. Its not the time of the run that's important at this stage but the enthusiasm that you want to harness, these are on average 7 year olds, and have loads of enthusiasm but no direction. And simply give up when they get stitch or look to be losing. They get very little proper PE where they get out of breath during their school week. Its such a poor state of affairs.


    DBS acknowledged thanks Wilkie.

    If anyone currently runs a school club advice would be appreciated

  • I did a school running club a few years back. Just tried to make it fun! Did things like relays, little races, fartleks as well as a little bit of technique work. One thing we did was to get the kids to run 2 separate timed laps and the person who got the two laps closest together won. This (hopefully) taught them a little bit about  pacing as well as allowing everyone an opportunity to win. We gave out little prizes as well and who doesn't love chocolate! image 

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