Base building and season planning

Hello everyone,

i have been lurking for a while and I've got a wee question.

lets quickly describe where I'm at. I've run about 100 miles a month until July this year but not much since then. In previous years I had a few bouts of 20 miles a week always lasting for about 3 months.

my PBs are 5k 24:03 10k 51:xx HM 1:52:58 (most recent from April '13).

my goal is to get on the power of 10 (might take a few years, I know). I'm 27. 5 ft 7. 60 kg.

so I figure I need to build a base and need to be more consistent with the running. However, I have a tendency to do lots of intervals as I like running fast. So my question is: how much speed work is ok during my mileage buildup? At the moment I'm at 20m a week again. what mileage should I aim for before sharpening for a race (given I'm not aiming at a particular one)? 



  • I suppose it will depend on whether you favour the 5K or the HM end of the scale?  I've just checked - I'm on the Power of 10 site, so I don't think its the big thing you think it is any more (I believe they removed the time limits you needed to get under - several of my times on there from last year are slower than yours!). image

  • Hi daeve,

    Thanks for your post and thanks for pointing me towards looking more favourably at my times image with the power of 10 thing I just thought it would be a good level to reach. For a woman of my age I would need a 45 min 10 k or 22 min 5k which I would be very proud of indeed.

    I prefer the shorter distances by the way.

    I guess what my question is boiling down to is: if you don't have a big fat marathon as your A race and all you want to do is become a better runner, how do you go about it? Do you spend a year or two to build base? Do you join a club and race a lot? Do you pick a parkrun on a certain day and treat it as your a race?

    image kind of liking all of these...
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Daeve- your times might be on there in results list but they won't be on rankings. You need sub 19, 40 and 1.30 respectively to get ranked.

    Don't be in a rush to start intervals. Just steady consistent miles will get gains but you need to keep doing it instead of bursts of enthusiasm. Get a more immediately achievable goal to stay interested and start working to a plan. 

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    That's of course assuming you are an open male, which op obviously isn't!

  • Hi dt,

    Intermediate goal sounds good to me.

    So maybe I could try for a sub 50 10k in April or so? Until when would you stay off intervals?
  • 'Open male'? Lol.
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