meralgia paresthetica?

So I've been seeing a physio for around 3 months now, for many issues.  My legs as a result are now stronger, I no longer get shin splints and my ITBS is gone.

However, there was one problem my physio was unable to solve, so before we get to that, she decided that as the pain wasn't getting worse (although not getting better either) to start on a walk/jog rehab programme to get me started again.  I have now had to stop this due to the pain.

So, it's on the outside of my thigh and around the bottom of my bum, sometimes hurts in the knee, although not always.  It can feel like a burning sensation, definately a 'nervy' kind of pain.  Running itself doesn't make it worse, however after I run (by run, I mean walk/jog) it flares up and I have to take days out.  It sometimes wakes me up and stops me from sleeping.  A very uncomfortable feeling!  From what I can find, it sounds like meralgia paresthetica (I'm terrible for self-diagnosing, but must say usually correct!)

I am now being referred to someone else, she mentioned someone who deals with muscoloskelatol problems, and another physio who has access to more things to be able to do tests etc.  However this referral could take 3 MONTHS!!

I'm incredibly frustrated, upset and just down about the whole thing.  Already been out the game for 6 months and the thought of another 3 plus months of not running is killing me!

Anyway not sure what the point of this thread is, other than to rant a little, and maybe see if anyone else has this, and what happened?  Can you still run?  How long did it take to heal?  How was it treated?  Seems to be very uncommon, can only find 1 post on it from 2009!


  • Could it possibly be Tendonitis? If you are feeling like it is inflamed, then it might be that? I would try some cold therapy on the area when it flares up. 

  • I've had a look at tendonitis, and it definately doesn't sound like that.  It's more of a pain on the outside of my thigh, rather than at any joint.  Appreciate the response though!

  • Emmy, have a look at this page and see if any of the pain patterns are similar

  • Hey, thanks for that.  Vastus lateralis looks very similar image which is next to meralgia paresthetica.  Ugh.

    The 3 months plus wait to see someone is going to be a nightmare.  So little info online as well.  Think I'll give the physio I was seeing a wee call and see if she thinks it is a possibility.  Looking like it!

  • try some trigger point massage as indicated by the website. You can usually tell if you have the right spot!


  • Cool I'll give it a go thanks. I've got a foam roller, so will try with that.
  • Hey EmmyO - did you manage to get over this and keep on running?
  • Or indeed has anyone here on the forums had this and managed to get over it & return to running?
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