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I am trying to get ideas of how other clubs control there membership.

Recently we had moans from members about people joining in our training sessions that have not paid the membership fees.

We have over 300 members and all their details are kept on a database. On a normal training night we have up to 60 runners turn out of various abilities. So its very difficult to identify who is a paid member and who is not.

I was wondering if other clubs have had similar issues in past and how they have gone about solving the problem.

Be pleased to of any ideas.




  • We are a much smaller club, so it's not a problem.  We get one or two folk who join in who aren't members, but as we only run on public roads (and we do know these people), we don't mind.

    How about asking people to show their membership cards to group leaders?  Send an email out to all members saying that they should bring their cards (and explain why) in future.

  • One of my clubs has shoe tags. I think this is silly so don't use it, esp as I run in a number of different shoes, I'm not going to keep changing. So, with all small bits of plastic, I lost it.

    Other club is small enough to know who is a paid up member and who is not.
    Actually, first club knows as well and prints out a list of paid up members and sticks it in the club house.

  • We're not much smaller, but seem to get by with a fairly informal policy of being able to try "a few sessions" before committing.  Each different training group will have its de facto leader/s, will be familiar with regular faces, and can generally have a friendly word if necessary.  It also helps if there are active training members on the committee so you've got clear communication between the membership secretary and who is down the track on a Tuesday evening.  I can't recall any moans, but I guess like anything these things get more political, the larger the numbers involved.

  • Nick - That's a tight ship!  image

  • haha.

    we only get around a dozen on a regular run so there's no escape image

    mind you, it's only 15 quid a year, including vest!

  • We have a membership card and you are expected to take it on club runs.  The membership secretary does spot checks and if you don't have your card, he may send you home.  These membership cards have your ICE details on the back too, so you are asked to carry them for that reason too.

    We have a policy that non-members can try a couple of runs to see if they like it, but then they are expected to join.

  • Ours is only £12.50 a year, but you have to pay for a vest if you want one!

  • We're up to 250 now, with 60-70 turning out for the structured Tuesday session and a few less for the Thursday run. Basically as Chairman I'd like to think that I know everybody and hence I talk to anybody I don't recognise and find out who they are. And I always ask before the session if there is anybody new or who hasn't done the session before. I can't say I've ever noticed bandits as a problem however - there have been a couple of times when I've had a quiet word to suggest it's time people joined, and there have been a couple of instances of ex-members turning up, but they've always either rejoined or disappeared again before I've felt the need to say anything.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)
    PhilPub wrote (see)

    Nick - That's a tight ship!  image

    Are you in?

    Can you show us the club kit? image

    Can you not use club vest as an indicator? So every club run must be run in a club vest? I know most clubs follow M.Ouse's direction.

  • If you had to do every run in your club vest, mine would end up very smelly. image That or I'd, potentially, need 5 club vests. 

    I don't like my club vest, it's rather horrid to wear, I'd rather run in something comfortable. 

    I don't want to join Nick's club.

  • I think it's only club runs you'd have to wear the club vest for - so once or twice a week, and a wash in between?

  • I think it would look naff to have club runs with everyone wearing a club vest.also not much point in winter when 3/4 of the runners seem to be in coast and jumpers and whatever to keep warm .or high vis.......

    you just need a jobs worth onto the job if you have a problem.....we don't mind people running for a while before joining.especially if they start around this time of year when the membership is due for next year soon ...waste of money them paying this year unless they want to race the cross countries....

  • that a cotton t-shirt or a technical one......and does it come without the sleeves

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    Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    The club kit would need to be a white tee shirt with Nick on the front, I won't have any other, shorts are black with a stripe of Blue, green or white

    This one would be ideal, and I think you'd look good in this Flob and Emmy




    I wouldnt mind but I had the same question as Seren below.

    seren nos wrote (see) that a cotton t-shirt or a technical one......and does it come without the sleeves

    I'd like a tech tee... you know.. to look all sporty like.

  • yep I think i'm in image


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Reasonably Respectable? That's the nicest thing í've heard todayimage

    Count me in!

  • I am quite respectable, I have no tattoo, I am not very weird and I already have a white tech tee. Can I join?

  • I am a bit concerned about the neck hole size.  I mean, judging by your photo, if it goes over your head, everyone elses neck will be like a cock in a sock!

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