RW sub 3.30 Garmin training schedule

Hello there,

I don't know whether you've noticed that these schedules are not available anymore. I'm not so bothered about the Garmin thing as the fact that I found one of these particularly good for me. The sub 3.30 one. I don't know whether they're going to put them on again but I would really appreciate it if anyone who has it could send it to me. Really gutted I can't find it anymore.

Many thanks,



  • Just wrote to RW's support. Will let you know if I get any feedback.

  • I hope they come back soon - I've used them for years and dread the day they go missing!

  • i was hoping to start using the sub 4 marathon tomorrow

  • Same, I was hoping to start using the sub 3:45 this week, I used the sub 4 for London marathon a couple of years ago and it was great!

  • I have managed to download the text version of the plan using a cached version of the page but if anyone does have the file I would also appreciate it if they could send it to me.



  • Hi Stuart,

    that sounds great! Which plan is it? Sub what? Could you send it to me anyway, I would be very grateful! I tried the same but found nothing in my cache as I have not looked at it for a while.


  • Follow this link for a cached version of the page. It was last cached in Sept 2012, but I don't think there have been any changes since then.



  • THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi guys,

    had a reply today from RW saying they're going to put them back on in another section as they are doing a bit of overhauling.

  • Has anybody found these again yet????

  • Hi Jon, see this news from the RW's website.

    Apparently, they're going to put them up again soon. I also then decided to subscribe to the website. They've got good, cheap deals and the plans for specific times which fall under subscriber's content are very, very similar. Practically the same, I would say, but they don't go with the Garmin.

  • Thanks for that. Was just hoping to be lazy and not have to set them up myself.... image

  • Pablo do you have the cache version of the 3:15 marathon schedule,or should I just use the 3:30 schedule but adjust paces slightly thanks
  • Managed to find the 3:15 schedule through the link pablobones posted,thanks very much
  • Try the Garmin connect site - just need an account and then then schedules can be attached to the calendar - really easy and very useful

  • Hi VA,

    Sorry I dont normally post on here although I have been a member lurking for a few years just taking in advice.

    I signed up for my 1st marathon to run this May and downloaded the sub 3:30 back in November I started the plan this week but noticed I had messed the dates up putting 2013 as the event date, so I was looking for the same page again and came across this thread.

    Anyway enough of the waffling I have a copy of the sub 3:30 for the garmin but dont know how to post it on here. I can probably look to upload it somewhere so if you or anyone needs a copy just let me know and I will look for somewhere to upload it or if anyone can point me in the direction of a hosting website I would be grateful.

  • Hi Doug84,

    thanks for your help and sorry for this late reply. Just to clarify for everyone on this forum that I got the sub-3.30 plan from Pablobones' link above. However, the link is to Waybackmachine, one of those wonderful websites which store old webpages and has actually a record of all the Garmin training plans which were on RW. So, if you're looking for one and can't find it, just have a look there.

    Thanks to everyone!

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