I have been running for about 7-8 months properly (always been keen on running for fitness but now only competitively/training wise). Initially I have some issues with my ITB (lateral knee pain) which resolved with a fix of shoe and changing my form (heel striker to mid foot).

I had some glute tightening and hip pain in my last half marathon which ended in me nearly crying at the end when the physio had her nasty way with me. Since then I have been paying more attention to stretching and foam rolling. 

lately I have been focusing more on my hips for running form, I used to be a very choppy runner but now try and use hip extension, which has decreased my times.I have also upped my swimming which I now do for about 3 hours a week, sometimes more.

I have noticed that I am getting hip pains. sharp to touch over my pelvic brim (just behind the ASIS but still on the bone) bilaterally. When I have a poke around it is sore all around that area, it feel like muscle pain but quite sharp. It is worse when I have been sitting for a period of time and when I initially start to run.

I have been stretching my ITB, which re creates the muscle pain and foam rolling over my pelvic brim hurts in the 'good' muscle way. It's been this intense for a few months now.

Was wondering if anyone has experienced this before? I have a feeling it is my TFL. My ITB is sore to foam roll but no knee pain at all.




  • Go and see a physio,  get it sorted properly. Sounds like you have a better understanding of it then most people on here would.

  • looking at your foot position on the bike would be starting point, cycling shortens the itb and running stretches it - which you prob know anyway - if its hurting when you stretch it, it might be that you have just upped your cycling or opened out your stride too much. after months of an injury i would be seeking a good sports injury specialist


  • Hey, thanks for your replies.

    I haven't been doing a lot of cycling lately. But I have been focusing on improving my running form. I think I mentioned earlier that I used to bring my heel to my bum without a lot of hip extension.. not very quick.

    So now I have been concentrating on using my hips like pistons. Extending my hips and letting my leg follow through. So yea, that defo increases my stride length. I also think that whilst one of the reasons I change running form was to cut down/out my hip dipping, I still do this. That's a sign of weak adbuctors which I am pretty the sure the TFL/ITB is a member of.

    I would love to see a sports physio, but I'm a student with not a lot of $$$

  • Save up the money from a few beers and see a sports physio it will be well worth it. Do not carry on and expect miraculous recovery.

  • When I had ITB/TFL problems I had no knee pain but only pain in the hip on the top of the pelvic girdle. It was directly linked to poor quad strength because I have a 'pre-arthritic' knee. So I focussed on strengthening quads, foam rolling stretching piriformis etc and after a few weeks signs of improvement!

    However, I then met an athlete who also works as a sports biomechanics (not sure of exact title) and he suggested strengthening glutes rather than quads and this has certainly helped more.

    I have only recently started cycling but find after a cycle my running form is much better and no pain - even though I do a good warm up and stretch before a run by itself.

    I appreciate financially there may be issues - but if you carry on without knowing 100% what is wrong you could be doing more harm than good. Do some places offer a discount for students perhaps? Good Luck though.

  • Thanks for the reply! Yea, I have a feeling this has stemmed from weak/tight glutes. I will try to do some more cycling.

     I have booked to see a physio. Few less beers for me (except for post finals next week!)

  • Where are you a student - do they have sports physio section. Won't be top notch advice but may be better than none.

  • Uni of Bristol and wouldn't trust their services! I swim at Bath Uni though as on placement there. Their physio appointments are pretty $$$.

  • 3 days of no running so far. Hips hurt a little less... but it sure sucks not to run! 

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