Edinburgh or Lochaber marathon?

I'm trying to decide which marathon to do in the spring. I had been planning Edinburgh but its very expensive and everything I hear about it seems to be quite negative. I've been looking at Lochaber in April as a slightly cheaper alternative.

It would be nice to hear from someone who has done both and can give me their opinion on which they think is better.



  • in a word, Lochaber.

  • I've done both..lochaber 2012 and Edinburgh this year. Lochaber was my first ever marathon so got a soft spot for that one! 

    To compare them: lochaber has a much smaller field and is nice and maybe more personal.

    Edinburgh has bigger support on the course.. in lochaber you will see a few people in every lay-by but they were very encouraging!




    In lochaber at the end there is a nice spread with tea/coffee and filled rolls.  And if you have driven there in the morning you only have about 100m to walk to start your journey home... at Edinburgh you have a mile or 2 walk back to the park and ride buses which then take ages to get going and then ages to get back to where your car is! 

    To sum up... I 



  • .....I enjoyed them both for different reasons... but if I had to pick one... it would be Lochaber!!!!

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    I've done Edinburgh twice (giving it the benefit of the doubt). Found it as badly organised second time around. For me, the course is nothing spectacular and the finish is pretty appalling (or was in 2010/11). Lochaber is scenic, small field, cheap for accommodation & in my opinion the preferable race  image

  • Another vote for lochaber- much more  a "runners" event, rather than a fundraising spectacle.


  • Well it looks like it will be Lochaber then!  Does anyone know when they close the entries, it doesn't seem to say on the website.

    Thanks image

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