How much is your running/athletics club membership?

its almost running club membership time, I just wanted to find out how much do you pay and what does your club provide for it?. (I know £10 goes to UKA)

also do you think it is value for money


  • Think it's ??35 a year Coaching sessions every day of the week except Tuesday
  • Ours is £30 a year....not sure if it's going up. Runs every day except Saturday. Excellent value for money. £2.50 a month. 

  • Running is something like £35 including EA and local sports+social club membership. I don't train with them any more.


  • About £ 25 I think, although I mostly train alone, so prob won't be renewing this year.

  • Ours is £20 (with 15 going to welsh athletics). We meet for 3 sessions a week but these dont incur costs as coaches are normal members. 

  • Ours is £17 a year.  If you attend the weekly track session, that is pound on the night. There are organised runs on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  Also winter distance training, and other sessions such as hills.  We also get our entry fees paid if we complete in the area cross country league. I can't think of another sport that offers such good value for money.

  • Ours is £12.50 a year, which does not include UKA membership (as not everyone wants it, if you do want it you pay separately).

    Three runs a week, more for company that proper training.  Vest/t-shirt optional and extra, at cost.

  • £20 + cost of vest/t-shirt that include UKA affiliation 

    15 To renew the next.  Track Mondays cost extra. training Tuesday AM Wednesday PM and a social run on Sundays when not racing. 

  • £10 plus £10 EA for those that want it.

  • £25 plus £10 for the vest. Some of the £25 goes towards membership of the sports club we meet in. We do do two leagues which are subsidised by the club. 

  • Hi all

    Im new to the forum and trying to find my way around the various sections and threads.

    Membership to our running club is also £25 inc I believe UKA affiliation.  Two club runs per week with a coaching session once a fortnight during the summer months.

  • £15 plus £1 per session attended, there is one coached run a week. Includes entry fee for certain cross country races and some of the money goes to the hire of room we meet in. Vests and SA membership are extra.

  • £40 plus £1 per week voluntary donation for using the clubhouse showers etc.  There are 11  training / coached sessions per week including track sessions, specialist speed training, beginners groups etc.; and the sub includes all the usual UKA affiliation as well as several free league races for members throughout the year, and plenty of social events.  £40 is more than others are stating on here, but I still think it's worth every penny.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Mine is 52 inc levy. For that I get three coached sessions a week plus other group runs and free use of the track whenever I want. I also get four xc races paid for. No weekly con though.

    Having spent a long time paying about 10 a week training and sub's in footy, it still seems a bargain to me. 

  • DT19 wrote (see)

    Having spent a long time paying about 10 a week training and sub's in footy, it still seems a bargain to me. 


  • one club - £35 inc levy; t'other, £25 inc levy. Vest extra for both.

    First one pays fees for competing for the club in various team events like XC, athletics league stuff, relays. One club road run a week with free chips once a month. Free track coaching (track fee extra) once a week. Various socials & events.

    Second one is nationwide but there are group speed sessions in a couple of places.

  • Northern Vets  £15 last year.

  • Castle Point Joggers £15 per year which covers the cost of hall rental for the year and if you want to affiliate you just pay the extra tenner which goes to EA

    As Wilkie says not everyone wants to affiliate

    3 runs a week and a lot cheaper than being a member of a gym !!! 

  • Cheating here a little....

    My running club is free aka Runners World forum, it's quite good image (ok, not free as i pay for a subscription to the mag, but it's not a necessity).


  • £10 a year, and all XC fees paid, so I actually make a profit image The club raises a little extra from trail events to make up the difference.

  • Northern Veterans AC - £22 for 2014.  Paid up today.

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