January sales

Any London based Pirates put me on the right track. I will be in London, Potters Bar to be precise for Christmas and was thinking of taking advantage of both the January sales and the proximity to shops to get myself a wetsuit.

Any suggestions on where to shop?



  • Duda,


    Afraid I can't say about london but just in case if you already know what you want I would take a look at the internet now. All of last session's hire suits will be cheap and just as good. If your not sure what size you are stick it on here and meldy can both help and perv about your inside leg. image

  • I agree with Cake.  I think you're too late in your thinking.  January sales tend not to work with wetsuits. You should look now, and even then, there may not be much left in the sale.

    However, I do disagree with Cake in as much as I wouldn't buy one via the internet.  I'd want to try it on first.

  • there are very few decent tri shops in london.  There is one in Finchley (thats ok) ... and I have seen an add for a shop on st. albans??

    oh and potters bar is not london - thats in Hertfordshire image


  • Duda,


    You said the other day you where forest of dean didn't you? Only tri shop I know is good around your way even vaguely is in bristol and just taken a look at there website in case any use. http://store.thetriathlonshop.co.uk/

    Sure you can find somewhere nearer through. Most places will have a sale on of some discription around this sort of time.

  • Another alternative (if you happened to be down South), the triathlon show http://www.triathlonshow.co.uk/ has in the past had a good range of stuff on sale and also some deals to be had.  

  • Thanks for the advice guys. Will try bristol and I found one in Cheltenham.

    Definitely prefer to Tri before I but when it comes to wet suits. (see what i did there?) image

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