Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon

New for 2014 Team race with £960 (4 x £240 each)  first prize 3 male & 1 female runners to count. teams in so far from South Cheshire Harriers, Bolton, Swinton RC, Steel City Striders, Accrington RR, Preston Harriers, Riversway Runners, Tyne bridge Harriers. 600 RACE LIMIT will soon be reached,



  • Not allowed to give cash under UKA Rules. If cash would have to be $. The prize is better than cash, first three men & women in race may also get the same prizes, talking to sponsor

  • But your post above states a pound sign which is miss advertising and you may get people entering under false pretenses. So if you are not giving cash then you should let people know if it is vouchers for sports wear or for say having your portrait taken at a studio? just let people know.
  • Thank you. You know the prizes are to the value of. We are now reverting back to high street shopping vouchers for this event and giving 25 spot prizes of the £240 ,studio family portrait vouchers at a top Studio, superb prizes, we think this is fare to all

  • When I read the opening post I assumed the prizes would be cash. I am never near any prizes so not aware this isn't allowed. Agree with Alan that you should be more careful with this type of post in teh future, very misleading.

  • Thanks Maxpowet NW agree, but they really are super prizes, maybe giving them as spot prizes gives you and many others a shout

  • Given I usually run this race between 1:40 and 1:45 I would say the spot prize is my only chance of a prize image

    For third year running I am doing this and Inskip as a double header training boast! Great races.

  • I'm never going to be in the prizes, but I certainly wouldn't be tempted a studio family portrait thanks! :-O

    Therefore no, these prizes are NOT better than cash!  How can they be?

  • Dont know Wilkie just think with photo shop today they could put you coming up to the finish at london with the clock showing 2h 15mins great stuff image
  • Never knew this. So what races are organisers allowed to award cash for?

  • Am doing this again, enjoyed it last year and was a nice way to kick the year off.

  • Bloody hell, always wanted a family portrait. Preferably in black and white, strolling barefoot through leaves and smiling wistfully.

    Going to have to ramp up the training for this.

  • Well I must say sorry to all on runners world for making a race organiser tell people what he was advertising was false and to be truthfull with runners and not underhand.

    As I was informed by rocket ron today not to air my dirty washing in public and he didnt know weather to shack my hand or not because he didnt know which sewer I came from.

    If the truth is wrong then I am guilty and I come from the land and not the sewer as rocket said and rats live in the sewer and most sewers run out to the see just where rocket has most of his races.
  • Some things never change Alan!


  • Mr Taylor, you have entry forms out for a half marathon in April  Valiants Half stating that it is pancake flat and accurately measured, the course has not been measured true or not, is at a case of double standards and misleading to the public, I gather Paul Walsh is measuring it in the New year. When I spoke to you today I merely stated that it was wrong to start threads critising other events. I was informed that you were a sewer/drain man at work, a very difficult job especially this time of year, someone has to do these thing thankfully. What is a shack of hand, new one on me

  • Ron's Vanished, and for those who did read his last reply, Yes the Valiants half does say pancake flat and accurately measured and will be measured as soon as the course measurer can do it. I dont measure my own courses and need to wait till a kind retired gentleman who does it in his spare time can do it for me.
  • Marvelous, keep up the good work, threads really work to keep evenjts ticking along so long as you keep feeding  them, vanished, were too? keep up the good work

  • Alan no one suggested you measure your own courses, this is not allowed. We are very short of course measurers in the North West, if you fancy being trained up for one contact Brian Porter. Paul Walsh is a good course measurer and has time to do the job, I fit measures in throughout the North between other commitments outside the sport, also a retired gentleman but other things take priority sometimes, golfing fanatic mainly in my aged years,  it's good fun really

  • As a matter of interest (since I won't be winning any huge cash prizes) why aren't you allowed to award cash? Clearly other races do - does the race have to be affiliated to something or other in order for it to be allowed ?
  • LD, the ancient association rules state that cash prizes should not exceed £50 over this as to be authorised and under IAAF rules paid at US Dollars (sterling conversion)

    This is a very grey area now and has been flaunted for many years since the introduction of our professional approach to the sport and payment of mega bucks to the top athletes. I remember in 1984 finishing 11th in the Dublin Marathon, received 100 Irish punts, converted to £92 sterling and had to pay the British Athletics Board 10% commission, thnks god this has gone. I am not adversed to paying cash to runners (excluding elite runners they ask for far too much, one runner 64 minutes plus asked for £3000 to run the 2013 Great North West Half marathon, free entry & accommodation, my answer to him was I would rather split this cost between the other 1500 runners. 64 minutes in my opinion is not elite (I ran 63.52 in 1971, cost me two bob to enter and won a set of Pyrex Bowls, great prize for the bottom drawer.  Hope this helps.

  • Thanks - can't beat a good set of Pyrex bowls!
  • One week to the first half marathon of 2014.  St Nary;s catholic primary School. Lea Town. Hot drinks, bacon/sausage barms & cakes a plenty supplied  and cooked fresh by the lovely Trisha. Special prize list for the first six unattached runners,  £1000 worth of prizes equally divided, what a start to the New Year. Lea Town approx 4 miles west of Preston on the A583 Blackpool Road follow signs for  Lytham St Annes & Blackpool

  • 4 days to go to the first half of 2014. Weather looking good 8/9 degrees, overcast, ideal conditions, one slightly muddy road section at 10 miles for 100 metres or so, from farm traffic.  Record entry of 600 but 30+ cancellations all moved to to other FCR events) during 2014, means   entries on day on a first come basis. Additional prizes 10 spot prizes (voucher value £240, great prize), great medal, bananas and of course those famous FCR wagon wheels.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    Hi  Rocket  Ron   how you doing   me still   running  and  going to join saddleworth running  club    i sometimes  go to Blackpool  for day on the train

  • Hi M


    Nice to hear from you, glad you are still running, Saddleworth is one of the nice clubs in the area, kniow a few members they don't moan like several clubs in the NW, just get on and do it, good luck and hope to see you in Blackpool one day your always welcome at FCR Events (22 in 2014)

  • A good YORKSHIRE running club, well done Compo 1.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    Terry   going to be trying out      got 3 more marathons this  year   Huddersfield, Wakefield and Halifax   plus  liversedge half and spen 20

  • Two days to go, remember the new venue at Lea Town. Looks like we might have a bit of rain with a stiff breeze, still warm cuppas and hot food at St Mary's Catholic Primary School Dartington Lane Lea. 200 metres to the start &  200 metres to the free car park at BNFL HQ Lea Lane. NO parking at the Pub on the corner of Dartington Lane/Lea Lane, landlord does not like runners using his facilities. ( Tricia bacon Sausage barms much more enjoyable and considerably cheaper)  60 Volunteers, medical and back up staff to assist everyone, safe journey.

  • Sundays event is supported by Tony Bolton Sports, Tony will be at Lea on Sunday with many of his winter warmers, hats, gloves, long sleeve t's etc all at super prices.

    You can also have your medal engraved at the finish  with you name,time & date printed by FastTack Printing. Sports massage also available. (small charge)

  • Compo, entered them three and when I get out of bed I'll enter York which has opened an hour ago.  York was good last year.

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