180 miles in 7 days

im trying to run from my home town in neath south wales to london over about 6 or 7 days for a charity/publicity event and was wondering how much training id have to do every week. im relativley fit and managed a 12 mile run with out any real training yesterday, is this distance too much as its only a month or so away? any help would be brilliant thanks



  • It's 25 to 30 miles a day.

    It's walkable. Which could be quite handy.

    I'd get comfy shoes. You're not going to train from zero to be able to run consecutive marathons with ease in a month. Was this sprung on you ?
  • Most people with little or no running experience would find it a hard task to train for a marathon in as much time without risking injury that would prevent getting to the start line
    If you want to raise money for a charity then I would pick an achievable goal

    Asking how much training you would need to do each week is kind of irrelevant unless you have 6 months or so to prepare

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    Be prepared to walk a lot.

    Why come on asking for training tips when you have no time left to train.

    Most people take about 16 weeks to go from 12 miles to 26( once not 7 times) and then can't walk properly for about a week?

    Why were you not thinking about this about 6 months ago?
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    For me, this sort of question is like asking if you can go from zero to 70 main half in a month and kind of insults the years of hard work people put in. 

  • If I was you I would split the runs up throughout the day rather than running 25 plus miles in one go. Maybe get up and crack out  a gentle 6 miles, have some breakfast and a coffee, crack out another slow 6 miles and then have another coffee and a cake whilst you read the papers. Then crack out another 6 miles and stop for a long lunch break and then plod on for another 6 miles before going for a massage.

    If you have second thoughts and are ok to pay the hotel, massage and lunch bills I will step in for you as it sounds better than my usual week at work.

    Obviously it will get harder each day and after 3 days you will probably want to cry. Anyway good luck.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    When are you planning to do this event?

  • You haven't trained yet and now have only a month until the event?  Well you have about a week of hard training until you will have to start tapering.

    Seriously, though, if you have enough will power you will be able to do this by walking most or all of the way.  Even then, I'd think it will be quite unpleasent after the first day or two.


  • go for a long walk every day for the next 3 weeks.then rest for a week..........then see how you feel./

     are you paying for hotels  or are you camping .a good nights sleep will make a big difference.......

    also are you carrying all your own stuff or have you got a support team......

    I hope you are raising a lot of  money or otherwise you would be better off just staying at home and donating all the money for petrol, food, and accomodation direct to teh charity 

  • Eddie Izzard supposedly trained for only 5 weeks and did 43 marathons in 51 days for sport relief  so anythings possible image Im sure a lot of people said it couldnt be done image

  • Eddie did have a full blown support team to cater to his every need though...

    Good luck, but no offence, I wouldn't put money on you finishing.

  • Eddie did get a lot of support but he still had to run the miles , they didnt have any stunt doubles or spare pairs of  legs and this is only about 1/6 the distance.

    If you are prepared to suffer a lot id say its just about doable but you will probally walk a fair bit of it, maybe do 2 runs a day each day for the challenge with the longer one in the morning and get plenty of rest .

  • and if you look at eddies times there was a lot of walking in there...walking is much easier on your legs than running......especially if you are not used to running much...so less chance of injury and easier for the body to recover each day.

    so if the OP tries to run all the marathon every day i think he will get into trouble......

    if he does a lot of walking or all walking I think he will manage it with a support crew......

    and of course his natural fitness, his bodies ability to recover and his mental strength  are the variables we know nothing about and have a major  factor in this quest 

  • Maxpower North West wrote (see)


    If you have second thoughts and are ok to pay the hotel, massage and lunch bills I will step in for you as it sounds better than my usual week at work.




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