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There seems to be a gaping gap in the races to be found ? A 20 miler for example would be great as one could use them as training runs for both half and full marathons(great for comaraderie and medals). It would also give those contemplating doing a marathon a better indication of what they are getting into. What do you think ?


  • I think that some of us already have access to these - I'll be doing the Holmfirth 15 (miles) on October 27th and could do the Spen 20 (mile) in Spring. There are also a few long distance trail and fell races which fit the bill. Perhaps you're a victim of geography? Good hunting.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I think that there are a few 20m's sorted for the winter/ spring but haven't done oen as yet. There may well be one in Bromley but I may have that wrong. I ran (though that is a generous description) a 30k race in Gravesend last June which was definitely a step up from the half marathon. I agree though, I'd like to see more races between 13 & 26m.
  • There's the Worthing twenty - not sure what date it is, it was three weeks before the FLM this year which some would consider a little close. I had a bad run but still enjoyed it enormously, in spite of being caught in the bushes having a leak when the starting pistol went!

    There used to be a 25k run around Mitcham, but I think that's stopped now, and there's the Kingston 16 mile in the next few weeks. I'm sure there are plenty of others around the country too - these are just races I've done in the past.

  • There used to be lots of 25km races once upon a time, but the IAAF in their wisdom decided about 10 years ago to scrap the distance as an official one. Since then they have all but disappeared off the face of the earth. Unfortunately for me, that used to be my favourite distance!
  • There are some around but few and far between , I did the Jog-Shop Jog in Brighton a couple of months ago. ( A really grueling 20 Miles). Thanks for the suggestions.
  • Theres a Bramley 20 up near Reading just before the FLM
  • There are a few 15 and 20 milers in the midlands in February / March time - aimed at FLM runners, i think.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Cranleigh 15/21 is probably in March. I think there used to be a Finchley 20 early in the year too.
  • There is the Coniston 14 in March. A lovely run around Coniston Lake in the Lake District. Don't be fooled that it will be flat around the lake...there are hilly bits too! It is well organised and there are refreshments after (Tea, sarnies, cakes, buns...lovely!)
  • Perhaps you would like to join me on the tunnel lauf in Germany on 30 March which is 28 k (about 18 miles).
  • Used to be a lot of 25km races about but the IAAF in their wisdom decided to do away with them around 10 years ago. Boo hiss! Was my favourite distance.

    MartinH - I'm thinking about the tunnellauf, but it depends on if I got into the FLM.
  • The Kingston Running Festival had a 16 mile a few weeks ago. They have another event in Feb or March and that may have a 16 again. They used to have a half marathon but as they also have an 8 mile it's easier to make ti two laps of that for a 16 than mess around trying to create a half that starts and finishes in the same place. Good event with great organisation and plenty of people.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    The Ashby 20 (in Leics.) in March is a 'fun' 20 miler (rural and hilly).

    And it has the best goody bag ever (the race is sponsored by McVities). And you get a particularly nice sweatshirt.

    Or there's the Totley Terminator in the Peak District in late August. A fell race of 18-20 miles... possibly longer ...
  • Does anyone know when the Edinburgh to North Berwick 20m race is ?
    Can't find it on the RW events thingy.
    I've kept promising myself this one as it sounds like a great run - and ends up at the seaside. Fish, chips, candyfloss and ice-cream ... what more could you ask for after a race .. err.. not all at once, of course !
    I'd love to do it.

    Hope it's not too soon after London, though knowing my luck it'll be the following weekend :-(


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