Great Northern Run taking entries now!!!!

I just registered,

Get in there before they are all gone. Only supposed to be taking entried from Friday, but it just worked :-)



  • aint going
    but have fun
  • Just signed up myself to this event and have to admit was a tad stunned with the entrance fee of £28 for a half marathon.
    But people were raving about the GNR last year and I felt terribly left out on the day of the run.
    I really had the feeling I was the only one on this site not taking part.
  • deano
    its worth every penny
    its great

    you enjoy!
  • Cheers Tubby, I was led to believe registration was in January, but I've just signed up too.

  • Yeah, me too!
  • I've signed up and so has my running buddy.
  • Ok so any recommendations of good CHEAP places to stay in the region?

    Or would it be possible to get to it from Leeds, via public transport, on the day, on time?!
  • Stay at my friend's mum's house, it's free!

    Seriously though, £28? This is completely the wrong time of year to be asking people for £28!
  • Me and my partner have just joined up. After not getting into the london marathon we were a bit down in the dumps, but this is just the right pick me up. £28 is a lot of money though.
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