Ironman and Booze

I was just wondering what people's tips are with regard to Ironman training and having a drink. I am a keen Guinness drinker and don't really want to give up!!!Any suggestions for benefits of not drinking. Anyone done one and had a cut off point ? Two months before, one, a week??


  • Isn't it always said that Guiness is full of IRON?

    Surely there's your answer!

  • Unless your likely to be at the pointy end of a race there seems to me to be little point in giving up something you enjoy. 

    That said if you are not able to get up and go out and do your five hour long bike because of a thick head from the night before then you need to question your priorities. 

    Oh and maybe ask Goldenboots for advice around drinking eight odd pints the night before a ironman........

  • I am definitely not going to be at the pointy end. Point taken on the training though!!
  • If you didn't drink for say two months before a race, is it going to make much difference on the day? I'd guess not, however if you use it as a target such as four hour bike and two hour run on weekend = pint of the black stuff or two it becomes a motivation tool

  • I could put a pint on a pole just in front of my handlebars. There's motivation!! I don't think I'll give it up, but might be useful to cut down!!!
  • Hell I had a Guinness half way round the marathon at last years Outlaw !

    Not advocating getting sh!t faced every night, but a glass or 2 isn't going to kill you
  • Surely it's a supplement right?

  • Final RV wrote (see)

    Surely it's a supplement right?

    *nods in strong agreement with this statement. image


  • Horses for courses i tend to bin the booze during IM training as even 1 or 2 pints mske it harder for me to get up fresh and early to train, that said post race and off season bring it onimage

  • Me too. I don't drink much anyway but when training I don't bother, it would mean missed sessions.... But then I get tipsy just looking at a glass of wine! 

  • I stop drinking a week out from any race I want to do my best in, otherwise the eating and drinking is what I balance the exercise out with.

  • Reducing alcohol is a way of reducing junk calories. Less weight to cart around 140.6 miles.

  • moderation

    simple as

    if you like a drink there's no need to give it up, just moderate the volumes.  I've never given up the booze in any training or racing regime - but then as a old skool, dyed in the wool, rugby player, I would suspect I couldn't as it's part of who I am.


  • Blue if it's any good I try to stop drinking the black stuff when on training is't not the beer that's the problem it's making sure you get up early to get the miles in. Makes that first 10 pints after the race all the sweeter.

  • Just don't try 10 pints before the race!!

  • I don't see what the problem is with drinking the night before the race - and I beat GoldenBoots!

  • at what... drinking or racing?

  • GB - I don't think the beer was the problem - it was the tequila chasers that did it image

  • There was that snapp's as well remember.image

  • Golden Boots wrote (see)

    at what... drinking or racing?

    Did you finish the race? I remember passing you, you were lying down feeling sorry for yourself.

  • That was just the hangover kicking in... I thought a power nap would resolve it... unfortunately it didnt


    So no... dont drink the night before!!

  • If I recall flame AA classes from my undergraduate labs, lager has more iron than Guiness.


    Anyway, after a long ride, a Sunday lunchtime beer is not known as a post ride malted recovery beverage without good reason.

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Hell I had a Guinness half way round the marathon at last years Outlaw !

    Not advocating getting sh!t faced every night, but a glass or 2 isn't going to kill you

    Did it help????

  • I think 'moderation' is the way forward.

    I'll have to look it up in the dictionary!!

  • Before my big IM race in October this year where it was lovely and sunny I decided to stop all beer about five days out from the race.  Before then I was having one or two bottles of beer in the evenings.

    Three days before the race we went to a 'party' where there was free beer so I had a couple then.

    I stopped drinking on the Thursday and Friday.  Saturday was race day.  Did me no (real) harm.

    I'm not really a big beer drinker.  Pints of bacardi and coke is more my thing.  I can drink plenty of that without getting (too) hungover so continue to do so.

    One thing I do is try to ensure any drinking doesn't affect my training plans for the following day.

    Just being sensible about it.  No need to give up.

  • Umm, I thought being able to eat and drink more was the reason we started this crazy sh*t in the first place... or are my priorities all wrong?!

  • I finished IronBlue
  • First London marathon I stopped drink for 3 months.

    Second marathon I drank throughout training and actually had a pint on course at mile 22 and still got a PB image

    For first ironman I will cut down to minimum as too much training to do & lose. 

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