Runner first?


I'm guessing if you're on this forum you came to tri from running. I did and have been chuffed to find that it has made me a stronger runner. I knocked 13 mins off my half marathon PB which I swear is from cycling.

that aside, who could resist the fun of tri wetsuits, chafing gel and jelly legs!

Anyway, cheeky I know but if you pop across to RW there is a little comp to be trained for the Paris marathon. The winner is those with the most votes. So I'm looking for support from fellow runners turned triathletes.

sophie ruffles sub 4

if I get in, I promise to enter that cheeky half ironman at the end of August!image



  • Morning All

    Am still touting for votes. Sub 4

    Am thinking of reasons why it's better to be a runner/triathlete rather than a swimmer/cyclist first.  I think it's because the run is at the end, saving the best for last rather than facing your worst discipline at the end!  That's assuming you survive the swim though!

  • I pinged you a vote.  good luck.  You're still 100 behind the other guy...that's a lot of votes.  Have you nagged work, other forums, facebook, people you've met in the street....?


  • Done. Good luck!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Done. Good luck!

  • pete_inthehills I know! I'm on the work/FB/twitter gig too.  Twitter name is @RufflesSophie. This voting gig is hard but it's actually a lot of fun because it's making me realise how important these forums are.

    Magna Carter and JPGoodboy, thanks too.

    Anyone got any interesting tris booked in? I'm planning the cotswold classic half ironman on 31 Aug so far...


  • Done - but you need to HTFU.

    1:45 HM should be an easy sub-4 Mara.

    My HM PB is 1:45 and ran 3:57 despite being full of snot for the 2 weeks before and ending up with a chest infection for weeks afterwards. Long runs were shaping up for a comfortable 3:45

  • Ha, thanks meface.  TBH I think sub 4 is doable, the Judges must agree or I wouldn't have got this far!

    I took up tri last year and smashed 13 mins off my half mara, 3 off my 10k and 2 off my 5k.  There's def something in it!

    When's your next non-snot fest marathon going to be?

    Sub 4

  • When I get fit again. Last outing was The Outlaw. A slight life change has left me short of time but full of good busy things. Possibly the Yorkshire Marathon next September or if I can find an IM that I can enter at short notice next summer I could be up for a real wing-it attempt.

    Probably would struggle to run 4:30 at the moment.

    You have a quicker 5k than me, comparable 10k and HM and lose 20 minutes on the mara. You could have speedy muscles whereas mine may be endurance favoured but regardless it looks very likely that if you focus the training on a marathon you should go sub-4.

    I used a company called Full Potential (they do a £49 Christmas Offer) which is excellent value for what you get. They helped analsyse my training and made me a schedule that improved my weaknesses. It forced me to do things I would benefit most from, not the things I was good at.

    Good Luck.



  • Thanks meface.  That might be an option as it looks like am getting beaten in this comp!


  • Voted. Good luck!

  • Thanks Dibs3690!


  • Ok, another reason why I'm a runner first, I'm rubbish at fixing punctures! I have spent the last hour fixing one on my hybrid, only to realise that the seam on the inner was split. grrr 

    finally got it sorted but am covered in flipping oil!

    runners don 't have this problem!


  • Thought of another one, there's no "coasting" in running.  So if you're a runner first, you've probably got the endurance to cope with the swim and bike.

    Just been to a swimfit sesh in Bristol, which is basically swim sprints etc  Am exhausted and it's only 9 am!  Am also starving, which is not just swim related.  Tri has made me hungry all the time!

    Sub 4

  • If all the lurkers clicked and voted, I'd be well away.  Please don't be shy.

    Or maybe just share your experiences of coming to tri from running.  I think my biggest issue is a fear of falling off my bike in front of traffic when clipped in.  Will that ever go away?!


  • Ruffles wrote (see)

    I think my biggest issue is a fear of falling off my bike in front of traffic when clipped in.  Will that ever go away?!

    Only after you've actually done it.  Happens to everyone sooner or later.

  • Cheerful Dave, it's clearly the fear of the unknown then!

  • Right my fellow triathletes (how many tris do you have to do to call yourself one?) I'm 300 votes behind and could do with your support. It's just a couple of clicks away....

    Seriously though, I know marathon training , while also keeping up base fitness in the swim and run will be tough. I promise to share some tips from the coaches if I get through. If you have any for me, please log them here as I think I'm going to run the Paris marathon comp winner or not.
  • Why don't you just run the Paris Marathon then ?

    Granted, it would have been cheaper if you had entered when it first opened, as the entry fee is staged.

    If you need lots of threads on here to get you to find the discipline to do just a marathon, how will you manage to discipline yourself to do a HIM ?

  • Dave the Ex-Spartan

    I am going to run Paris.  I have run a marathon before but that was before I took up triathlon so it will be interesting to see how I cope with both.  I don't need threads for discipline, but for support and insight, or is that not what the forum is for?

  • You didn't need to enter a competition to ask for support and insight...

    I was considering the difference in motivation between entering a competition, and just doing the event

  • I'd say there's a fair bit, especially as part of winning the comp is to blog about it so that people aiming for a similar mara time can ask questions and follow your progress.  It will mean that I am more likely to follow the training plan given and set out running even on days when I am not feeling too motivated.

    Just as an example, I went for a run last night and went out for longer than I would have even though I could have happily parked myself on the couch eating mince pies!  I can't let the voters down!


  • I am still desperately  touting for votes. It end Tues but I am running out of ideas to generate more. It's been fun trying though, managed to get Rachel Joyce and Jo Pavey to retweet my voting link. 

    Any ideas?

  • A trip to Curry's or the Apple store? image
  • Did you get them to vote for you tho ?
  • Vote done Ruffles. Good luck.
  • Well done Sophie you have done brilliantly with your votes! I'm always tempted by the Tri, but it's the lycra that frightens me off. Good luck for the final push.

  • Andy, tri is the way forward!  Have a go.  You won't be so scared of the lycra when you're lined up on the start line with everyone else in their lycra onesies!

    dave the spartan , who knows if they voted?  In my mind, they did!!

  • Right, need to start planning my season when this marathon lark is over.  Am planning the Cotwold Classic HIM on 31 Aug.  Can anyone recommend a good Oly distance tri in the South West in the summer?  Not Bristol harbour as I'm busy cycling the infamous dartmoor classic that day ...

  • Final plea for votes from all you forumites and lurkers.  Voting ends at noon, then I'll leave you in peace!

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