Kirsty White sub 3.30 Asics 26.2

Feel very lucky to be picked to be in with a chance of joining the Asics 26.2 target team for the Paris marathon 2014. I know everyone will be asking for votes so just wanted to give a brief reason why I'd love you to pick me, will try not to waffle..

Only been running 3yrs in April and have found the running community to be like a second family. My club Royton Road Runners (best club in the world) have given me so much support n encouragement I'd like a chance to give something back. 

Marathons are a special journey whatever your ability & I'd love to share that with everyone and hopefully help people along the way not because I think I’m the best runner but because when I put those trainers on I feel exactly the same as most of  you - I want to know how to run better!

Even if you didn’t make it through to this stage would love everyone to follow the winner who ever that is & support them. Please give this running nutter a chance to win & share with you the madness that is  RUNNING A  MARATHON!!

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  • so kirsty well done for being the only female in a male group..

    You have only just joined the forums for this can you give us an idea of what kind of poster you will be and what you can bring to the forums

  • Thanks seren nos very new to all this forum stuff but hopefully can pass on all the expert help I would be getting but luv a bit of fun so will try & make my posts a good read. Think I've been missing out on all this!

    Any questions ask away happy to talk about running all day long, finally found a vent for all my running stories with fellow enthusiasts YAY

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kirsty - well done on getting through. What do you think your biggest challenge will be in the Asics competition?

  • Hi Emma. I have 4 lovely children at home so fitting everything in is my biggest challenge but I think for me this marathon will be about doing everything the right way. Looks like you have plenty of running experience, been running long? image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lol Kirsty I loved your comment on the other thread about keeping him indoors happy. This is the hardest part of marathon training!! The forums are a great way of getting all the marathon chat in without boring your OH to death!!!  The amount if times I pretend to be texting my mother .... like now!! 

  • Haha Minni. I always believed men were easier to keep happy than you ladies. image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    No way! I've become a master of secret running! My husband has no idea how many miles a week I run! In the mornings I'm up, run done, back hope by 6:30 to take his coffee in bed. He's none the wiser!! 

  • One thing I will agree on Minni is my wife is better at getting out of bed in the morning!

    kirsty - how old are your kids? 

  • I'm going to decide who to vote for by asking one question and the person with the best answer gets it.

    What's you favourite Star Wars character ??

  • And the answer is? image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Kirsty - this is your thread.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    kirsty white 8 wrote (see)

    Hi Emma. I have 4 lovely children at home so fitting everything in is my biggest challenge but I think for me this marathon will be about doing everything the right way. Looks like you have plenty of running experience, been running long? image

    Its EmmY but i'll let it go... I know that feeling of juggling stuff image I've been running for ages but only really stepped up to Marathons last year. I love the distance and the number of friends that 'i've made.

    Flat Footed - can we answer if she doesnt?

  • Hello! In the christmas spirit thoughtd I'd join the party!

    So being rather random which appartly I am! What christmas jumper have you got if any? I think you can tell a lot of someones personality from random questions! Do you have any pets? Im very excited I have a new pet hamster which is sooo cute?

    Last question I promise....

    Iv been following the voting on your group especially, how or where are all your votes coming from? 


  • Hi Kirsty,


    Well done on getting this far... this is when you will feel like you need to be online all the time!

    For fear of repeating (Emmy, and Flat footed image)-You said you have 4 kids- how old are they, and how do you anticipate fitting in the training (esp over the winter)? Is your other half very supportive and prepared to take on childcare, or are you planning some graveyard shift sessions Ie start of the day/end of the day? (I speak from experience of the latter, and I've only got 2 kids)

    If you don't get through, are you going to run a marathon next year? If so, which one and why....

  • kirsty? Kirsty? Kirsty? Kirrrrrrrrsty? Are you there?image

  • Hi....i was in the same position as you this time last year. I didnt get through to the final 5 but I was instead mentored by Minni to run London marathon. The amount of support and advice I got from her and everyone else on here was amazing. I've made some good friends through it. Think the only downsides of being on here was the little time I got to spend with my other half....if I wasn't running I was at work or on here and he found it quite tough.


  • Hi Sarah, how are you?

    thats a good point. People mustn't underestimate the commitment!

  • Hi, I'm good thanks just been so snowed under with everything since my hols....havent even been christmas shopping yet! 

    how are you?

  • Emmy Ho Ho Ho wrote (see)

    Flat Footed - can we answer if she doesnt?


    Think you might have too as she's gone MIA

  • Hi Kirsty. Well done on getting to the voting stage. How did you feel after you ran your current marathon PB of 3:37. Was there anything different you would have done in your training after running it?

    What is the main improvement do you think you will get from winning this competition?

    Sarah.......... I think Mrs. Shady Ady would agree with your comments.......she didn't get to see me for 4 months last year! image

  • Oh noooooo I didn't know all this was here??? if I tell you the colour of my hair is blonde might help you understand why I can't find my way round this forum ( no disrespect to clever blondes)

    Hi sarah, felt pleased with my 3.37 but knew I could of done better went out too quick for the first 1/2 and didn't stick to my 8 m/m.

    Main improvement for me will be learning how to train effectively think I do a lot of wasted miles running anything I can just because I love to run, need much more structure to my runs to improve my times.

    I would of made sure I did better recovery runs, I start out with that in mind but run at a club & get drawn in to the pace.

    Will work backwards & answer the questions that have been posted


  • Welcome back Kirsty! Glad you've come 'home' image

  • Family eldest daughter 21, son 12 & twin girls who are 9 hectic house with children that have better social lives than me!

    supportive partner but I seriously test this to the max. Try my hardest to run when it won't effect home but with races & training not always possible.

    Votes are mainly FB have great support from my club Royton Rd Runners (130 members) the run England type group I started with Greenfield greyhound, x country friends & rest will be family & friends. Don't have a massive FB bout 250 ish. Been onto my local paper and a local forum that supports me because I'm a Mossley girl.

    star wars character - R2-D2 because only one person understands me image

    Have I missed anything?? Sorry guys now I realise why people were saying get on your own thread,

    Thanks Malc for telling me where I should go! image

  • Steve/Sam will give you structure Kirsty!

    your post made me laugh, especially the blonde bit and the reference to clever blondes. Sarah is a clever blondeimage She's a GP!!! - but she has her moments. Lol.

    just heard Nelson Mandela has died!!!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Wow kirsty those lot will keep you busy. I reckon those twins will hace made you mega tough! image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Waves to Sarah! image

  • DS2 wrote (see)

    just heard Nelson Mandela has died!!!

    Wow, I heard it here first!

  • sorry Shady_Ady I called you sarah!!

  • You didn't say if you were going to run a marathon next year whether you got through or not?

  • Twins was tough as wanted a friend for my son, wasn't expecting a BOGOF! but they are lovely girls I'm lucky & they love that mum runs Emily says I'm her hero. It's the 21 year old that's a nightmare. Do you have children Minni?

    StickyXmaspud - image  

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