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Hi I am just wondering if any of you who cycle to work use a rucksack and if so can recommend one? I'm hoping to get my hubby one for Christmas. He tried out my salomon one I use for running and he said it was too high?! 

Thanks in advance   image


  • Bellabee,

    I use one like this and really struggling to get a new one as it's failing to bit's. From experiance your better off with getting a standard rucksack and buying him a cycle cover as well. Something with a strap across the chest. At the moment I'm keeping a eye out for myself so if I come across something will shout up but most of the ones I've seen at the moment are just to high to use comfy with a helmet.

  • I have a Jack Wolfskin one that was a cast off from my Dad a few years ago.  It's cycling specific so it sits where you need it to sit.  It has a chest strap and a midriff strap so it stays put, and also has a waterproof 'coat' that pulls out of the bottom of the bag in case you get stuck in a downpour.

    It's called Jack Wolfskin 'Mr Bike'

  • Ironman Switzerland 2005 rucksack - a very limited edition.  has done the job superbly for me for years.   image

  • djwolfdjwolf ✭✭✭

    Deuter from Wiggle I think, also has the hydration system if needed.

  • djwolf wrote (see)

    Deuter from Wiggle I think, also has the hydration system if needed.

    Yep, I've got one of the smaller ones, this one I think.  Just about big enough for a pair of shoes and small change of clothes plus bits in side pockets.  Possibly need a slightly bigger one if you want lunch in there as well!  Stays snug on the back and no problems using it with a helmet. 

  • I put the load on the bike in panniers. Don't get a sweaty back that way

  • Thanks for all the suggestions! Went for the Deuter one from Wiggle and hubby is very happy with it image

  • How big is it? I use panniers and rucksack for college stuff. I seem to have a knack for destroying rucksacks.

  • The dimensions are: 

    H x W x D: 44 x 25 x 18 cm
  • My commutes about 20 miles each way. I use an overboard rucsac which keeps everything nice and dry when the wet stuff comes. It's probably verkill. My LBS recommends Deuter over anything else plus you can sometimes pick them up cheap in TK Maxx. 

    But I might also look at switching to panniers - lower centre of gravity.


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