Sub 5.00 Category - Denise Day - VOTE FOR ME - Asics 262

Well I thought I should give it overnight to think about what I was going to write on here, but all that happened was I couldn’t sleep!
So I come to this from the same place as when I stood in the start pens at the 2012 VLM - after only 2 hours sleep, starting near the back, and with probably insufficient preparation!

I have no idea how you persuade people to vote for a perfect stranger (certainly the official photo isn’t going to help!) so I am just going to have to Try My Best.
I have been a regular visitor to the forums since 2011 just after I started running, (when I could barely run a mile). Since then I have progressed to marathon distance, but at glacial slowness, so clearly need some help.
I enjoy trail running, but it doesn’t equate to road running very well, and me and road marathons have definite unfinished business.
It would be great to get some professional help on this, as there are only so many times you can take a step back, take a good look at yourself, and see where you need improvement.

My strength is listed as stubbornness, but I prefer to think of it as ‘sheer bloody-mindedness’ – I don’t give up easily! (in fact one of my friends presented me with a ‘death before DNF’ t-shirt for my last birthday!)

I don’t want to make anyone’s eyes start to glaze over so I would just like to say, please vote for me, Denise Day, in the sub 5 category.

I will try to answer any pertinent (and also impertinent!) questions with honesty and good humour – fire away!



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