Asics 262- Sub 5.00 Category- Ivonne Goetsch - PLEASE VOTE FOR ME :)

Please, please vote for me:

All you have to do is to open the link below, scroll down and click vote for Ivonne. Unfortunately they spelled my name wrong, but don’t worry about thatimage

By the way anybody know the feeling coming home for a visit and threating the question from your parents: “Did you bring your running shoes?”?

No? Well, call yourself lucky because I had that since I moved out from my parents place a few years ago. Maybe you think now, great something you can do together but oh my gosh my parents are in their late 50ties and are much fitter than me. How embarrassing that they look fresh and relaxed after an one hour run, whereas myself sweats as hell and is breathing heavily. Since that was nagging me all the time my new year’s resolution was getting more into running to hopefully one day have the chance to beat my parents. I don’t think I will ever be able to beat my sister but then she is four years younger than me, so has fresher legs… lol… at least that is what I tell myself.

Anyway since taking up running more seriously and joining the Sweatshop running community Maidstone I can’t get enough of running. Running enhanced my life so much by meeting lovely people through the running community and at events as well as being more relaxed and more happy J I still don’t beat my parents even after almost one year of hard training but hey, I’m getting closer…lol

Running the marathon in Paris would mean so much to me. It would make my parents proud as I only would be the second family member, who would run one and it would give my Sweatshop running community something to look forward to as well because I’m sure they all would help me along the way to stick to the trainings plan. So in fact my voting me, you not just vote for me but all my running buddies as well, who will train with me together J

If you told me a year ago that I ever would consider to run a marathon, I probably would have told you “Are you crazy, no way!” but you know what now I think it’s just the right challenge to go for. I just completed the Ashford Half marathon using Mara advise to break down the run in several small runs and think positive. And you know what, that was one of the best runs I ever had. I celebrated every mile, I was looking forward to every drink station, I congratulated myself of keeping running when I passed other runners walking and managed to cross the finish lines at 2h09min40sec. A great achievement for me and I just would like to prove to myself and all of you that through hard work you can run a full marathon if you just put your mind to it.

 Please, please do vote for me. You would make me to one of the happiest people of the running community J

 Any advice are welcome too how to beat my parents or my sister!image   and of course I answer any questions you might have too!!!


 That is myself at the end of a Major mud run and below are my parents winning in their age group and I'm very proud of them!! But you think I will ever beat them? Maybe the Marathon is my only chance image  so please help me!

<img src='' alt='/members/images/802307/Gallery/parents_0.jpg' on


  • Good luck in our category.


  • Good Luck Ivonne image  It was a pleasure to spend the day at Boot Camp with you

  • Thanks you two, I really enjoyed the day at Bootcamp, was so nice meeting you image

  • Great photos! image. I'm sure your parents are already very proud of you!

    Good luck!

  • I'm going to decide who to vote for by asking one question and the person with the best answer gets it.

    What's you favourite Star Wars character ??

  • STICKY X MAS PUD thanks and yes, my parents are proud of me :and I'm even more proud of them for being so fit! I wish you all the best for the competition as well!!

    FLAT FOOTED: I love Chewbacca and second is probably Jar Jar Binks, they are both cute and funny image I'm more a fan of the original episodes than the new ones !
  • Oh flat Fooded, forgot to ask: which character is your favourite one?
  • Sticky X Mas PUD I'm so sorry, just realised that you didn't get through. You must think I'm trying to be funny but actually that is not the case. Just really thought you would make it image Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!
  • Oh no you said the Jar Jar word(s)...image

    I'm afraid in the interest of impartiality I can't disclose my favourite at this time.

  • Come on FF, she did say she loved Chewbacca first, so that gets her major plus points in my book...

  • No worries Ivonne, easily done, everyone at bootcamp looks like a winner! image

    Very best of luck to you!

  • love the mud photo! image

  • @Chewies back waxer: thx for the brownie points ????

    @Max Mum: that's how I look like after every Mud race, just love them! They are so cool and I'm doing a couple every year: Hellrunner, Major, Hellrider, The Reaper... Challenging but fun!!! Did you ever take part in one?
  • Looking forward to my 6mile run this evening with the Sweatshop running community. Should be good training for the Turkey run on Sunday, where we have to chase the
  • Ivonne - I've done a few races where mud was involved! Avebury 8 was a memorable one! but not done one where the whole point was to get muddy! image

  • Maxs Mum should come and join me in one of the mud races. I promise you it's fun image though off-road races like the Avebury 8 are cool as well!!!


  • I do a lot of off road races but I remember the avebury one being pretty muddy!,
  • I just talked to my cousin and he said he is considering to take part in a mud run next year. That would be cool image  By the way the Turkey 10k run today was fun, off road and hilly but enjoyed being outside...


  • Votes coming in strong Ivonne- great stuff.


  • Maybe Ivonne will beat us both Gareth!
  • Yes - and a worthy winner she would be too. We were the group with the most potential remember image


  • Ivonne I wish you all the luck in the competition, you would be a great winner. x

  • Well - it's time for bed so good luck tomorrow Ivonne. It's been fun. 

    If you get through I will follow and support with enthusiasm.


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