7:09 for a mile?

13 years old (14 on Sunday so guess I'm 14 but what ever), female, and I'm also in an athletics club but only been going since September. Ran 2 mile in 14:18, is this good?


  • Well, it's better than 7:09 for a mile!

    I'm not an expert on junior athletics, and someone will give you a much better answer, but I just did a couple of minutes research on the internet (perhaps you could try it some time image)

    Using Runnersworld race time predictor, you can estimate that a 2 miles at 14:18 will equate to 6:22 if you were running a 1500m race.    (you'll see why I did this in a moment)

    Looking at English Schools Amateur Athletics site, it says that to be roughly county standard, a "Junior Girl" needs to be running 1500m in 5:10.

    The age-group for a Junior Girl is 13-15.

    I'm not sure how much that helps, but to my untrained eye, I'd say that your ability  is good for your young age and experience level.  You'll have to get some coaching and also enter some age-group races.   I've attached the links I used.

    Good luck.




  • Thankyou, any more advice? image
  • What makes you think I'm not a runner/member/kid haha? I know I have asked my instructor but would just like I know other people opinions just based on the time that I did it in . I wouldn't call this question a silly question at all haha, I don't understand you lol image
  • If you have a trained coach in your club then they will know a lot more than a bunch of strangers on the internet.......


     good luck and enjoy your running..

  • Welcome back Molly, Why the change of name?


  • Flob wrote (see)

    Ask someone at your club if you are really a member/runner/ kid etc etc as you are paying to be educated about your ability as well as learning how to be an athlete.

    Oh and try google with silly questions in future. 

    What is wrong with you?  Why do you bother posting this sort of thing?  Bullying young people on the internet?  Really?

  • Thing is, Flob, if you're wrong and she is a kid, you look like a complete dick.

    If you're right and she isn't, you look slightly less of a dick, but it's still unnecessary.

    Why bother?

  • She had an excellent thread going a few months ago. At that time she was Molly Ward. The original question was very similar. If you search for "Molly" you can find  one of the original threads "Is 1:28 good for 600m kid"

  • "It's" posts?  "It"?

    It seems you're back in flaming mode again flob.    What are you getting out of this? Do you think you're coming across as smart? Clever?

    Her previous posts are posted as a 13yr old girl, interested in running. Doing well. 

    She changed her name (possibly because she took some stick last time)... and then there seems to be some surprise that she now posts as a nearly 14-yr-old girl, interested in running. Doing well.


  • Flob - step away from the keyboard dude

  • Ok, wielder of the sword of truth. We'll bow before your crusade against imagined mendacity.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again...
  • We do runs every month or so with our club, there is a 2 mile and 3 mile but I always do the 2 mile. I do ask for coach and she does tell me but I just want to get what other people think who hasn't seen me train I guess. Sorry for the confusion, I won't post anymore lol.
  • clearest.....the problem is that on the internet know one knows you.......there are so many variables to assess if its good.........have you been running long.have you made a lot of significant gains already.do you respond to structured training.......and especially for young runners..where on the puberty scale are you as that can have a big effect on running.....

     your coaches should know all these things...........none of us do.......so I would just carry on enjoying your running 

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