Silly commuting racing

For the non-cyclists, here's how it works:
Actually I don't know how to calculate FCNs for runners.  You decide. I don't care.  My aim here is to promote a sociable and competitive attitude among commuters-by-foot.  To the guy with the jangly keys who chased me for a kilometer tonight, eventually passed when I went through the tunnel while you went over, then gave up: thanks for the race.  I totally had your ass.  But how did you manage that overtaking manoeuvre? Were you skipping over the bonnets of cars up there?


  • I know this is all very tongue-in-cheek, and some of the classifications of different types of cyclist in the "food chain" are quite amusing*, but it amazes me how many cyclists do genuinely seem to have their egos on show when "challenged" by someone overtaking them simply because they happen to be going faster. I've lost count of the times I've approached another cyclist when I've been on a Boris bike (an almost comically-heavy London hire bike for any out-of-towners) only to be overtaken again shortly afterwards, with the other person for no apparent reason clearly working a lot harder than they were before they saw me.  What's that all about?  I honestly can't remember the same thing happening whilst running, ever.

    *I'll admit to the odd feeling of inner-smugness when overtaking someone higher up the "food chain", e.g. pootling along a country lane on a Sunday morning on my road bike, overtaking a chap in full race mode on a TT rig with disc wheel.  "Morning!"  image

  • I'd rather call it joie de vivre than egos on show.

    The same thing does happen to me whilst running.  Perhaps I look more like a Boris bike than you do.

  • Ahhhhhh!!!!!

    This sounds like great thread!

    There is some chap who charges past me on the down hill part of my ride to work and then turns left before the long uphill drag....... the frustration!
    There is me all lycra'd up and him with trainers, I know I could burn him off without really trying but it just 'aint cool is it? And then I arrive at work dripping with sweat...

    Now if I was in trainers image

    I once 'jumped' a friend of mine whilst I was riding an old Post Office bike and he was on one of his best bikes; I think he felt better when he recognised me, but he still swore.

    I think if someone overtakes you and you want to re-take them you need to ask yourself why....

  • marrows wrote (see)

    Perhaps I look more like a Boris bike than you do.


    What's really great is if you can combine running and cycling in one massive food chain.  I regularly run in and around Greenwich Park, and the roads going up either side are pretty steep.  I've altered the odd easy run to become a one-hill-rep with long warm-up and cool-down, after spotting a rather slow moving cyclist grinding up ahead.  It can be pretty hard trying to pretend you're not blowing out yer arse, but it's definitely worth bonus points if you can beat them to the roundabout at the top of Maze Hill.  image

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    I have been overtaken three times on my run home from work, which is supposed to be an easy recovery run.

    On the first occasion, it was clearly a deliberate challenge.  I let him go for a bit, stopped to chat to a couple of friends, and then charged him down, which wasn't difficult, as 7mm pace had pretty much destroyed him a few hundred metres down the path.

    On the second occasion, I had to work quite hard to re-take him, but made damn sure I did.

    On the third occasion, the bloke sprinted past me but I didn't have the chance to do anything as he turned into his house about 20m in front of me.  That pissed me off for some time afterwards.

    SideBurn wrote (see)

    I think if someone overtakes you and you want to re-take them you need to ask yourself why....

    Because I am an overly-competitive, overgrown toddler with a fragile ego.  Since I know that this is the case, I do not bother asking why.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I sometimes feel like putting a sign on my back saying " recovery run, I can go faster if I wanted to" after being overtaken a couple of times last week by some people I think I could have easily beaten in a race. One was even wearing those massive headphones.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I was out on a long run a few weeks ago and overtook a cyclist going up hill. that left me feeling delighted as i tootled passed saying 'mornnnninnng'!!

    Millsy- I would agree. Sometimes when I am approaching the end of an 18 miler and looking a  bit of a shambles I want to be able to justify my poor form and pace to the general public by clearly explaining how far I have already run. Perhaps some kind of counter stating miles run would do the job.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hmmm, is everyone on this thread male? I'm so slow I don't have to worry about my ego, it's even further behind me.

    But, after a longish bike ride with my bf's family, it started hammering it down and it wasn't that far to home, I did manage to over take his 13 year old brother and get a good lead on my Charge Mixer. It's irrelevant that he was riding a mountain bike. Isn't it? image

  • I've only had this once running to work as I don't pass many serious runners. Mostly mums and old dears out for the morning jog.

    I carry about 7.5 kg backpack so it's hard to up the pace sometimes, usually average 7:30 - 7:45 mm pace but it feels really hard because of the extra weight.

    The once race I had I was keeping pace with the guy but he didn't have a backpack on so I just tried to keep with him, eventually I had to back off.

  • Just remembered another one out running my hilly route there is alot of cyclists round my way due to the countryside and steep hills.

    I was charging up the hill to finish a 10k route, passed one struggling cyclist and caught up with his mate.  

    I felt a bit smug so started chatting to him but I was blowing a bit so was trying to not sound tired. Think we was chatting about a London marathon place because he asked what I was training for. 

    Quite funny as his mate was dying half way up the hill behind while we was merrily chatting away.

  • OMG, I would so win that cycle-commuting game. Erm, if only because I ride a shopper with a wicker basket while wearing normal clothes (15 points) image. I would, however, argue that it is much faster than a mountain bike with nobbly tyres or a folding bike with tiny wheels, however much more 'serious' those ones look.

    I don't normally get overtaken while running, though I will admit to speeding up to beat an entire football team of teenage boys once. I wasn't going to bother, but then a lady on a passing barge yelled 'go on, overtake them!' and then I had to.

  • I can safely say I suffer from no ego on this outside actual races - I go as fast as is necessary for the occasion (running, that is), and when I cycle I let all the lycra louts get to the traffic lights before me.

  • Tend to race cyclists quite alot, especially uphill. We are superior to them, so we need to show them this at any given opportunity. image

  • I don't suppose anyone else races buses? image

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Theres someone in the gym I use near work who makes a point of picking th treadmill next to you, clocking what pace you are running at and knocking out his few KMs a bit faster than that. Busted him in the mirror.

    I find his efforts quite comical really. GIven the state he tends to be in afterwards, I know full well I could destroy him over any distance.

  • Not sure about some of the velocities in these comments.

    Are you going quicker if you tootle, or if you pootle?

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    i had a treadmill hawker on me yesterday.  he joined whilst i was doing a 10min warm up which was nice and slow and he made sure he was faster than me.  problem for this chap was i was doing 3*2mile reps at a mile pace of 5.13mm.  he upped his pace on my first rep to be faster than me and kept looking across, in fairness he lasted nearly a minute before he got a bit sweary and religous and emergency stopped it pretending he meant to finish, did a few stretches then sat down on the weights bench.      mind you i was just as bad really as i was trying to look serene through out the session, no grimace or anguish, looking relaxed like it was a stroll when inside every fibre was burning!

  • Colin McLaughlin wrote (see)


    Are you going quicker if you tootle, or if you pootle?

    Good question.  Perhaps the tootler can pitch in with their own thoughts, but as for me my pootle was going along Single Street near Downe Village in Kent, which is almost flat but with a very slight rise.  I'd reckon to be going about 17mph along there, perhaps 1-2mph quicker to overtake the TT weekend warrior.

  • That's quite a pootle.

  • ...oh, I see the tootling was done on foot.  I definitely pootle on the bike quicker than I tootle on foot, so that doesn't really help matters.  Tootling sounds quicker to me, for any given mode of transport.

  • literatin wrote (see)

    I don't suppose anyone else races buses? image

    Yes, and tractors. I also try to race cars. When running I always race cyclists. (even more so if they are on the pavement).

    Amazing how many you can actually beat. 

  • I race and beat aircraft.

  • I have seriously raced a Ferrari at the lights before.

    I was a bit merry in the city so decided to crouch down next to a fella's Ferrari and proceeded to sprint away at the green light.

    I think he let me beat him though, not sure.

  • Nice to read that others have the same thoughts as me!

    My main frustration is when I go for an easy ride during the afternoon as preparation for a hard run with the club later. Get the pace right and my legs fly.... but get into a 'silly' race and they are like lead.

    But as soon as I hear the sound of a rider coming I am off; and then get a beating laterimage

    The other frustration is on my run to work when I have to share the track with Royal Marines in groups... you can taste the testosterone!

    But the objective for me is to get to work ready for work! Not satisfied but knackered image

  • I was beaten by a woman in high heels this morning. Admittedly she was running for about a minute to the station, whole I was on a long slow run. But I was tempted to either put on a sprint to show I was the runner, or hide round the corner so no one would see her pulling away from me!
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