Brooklands Half Marathon at Mercedes World


I've been off the running scene for a while enjoying some time becoming a mum and I am now realising that my couple of times per week of hard excercise and a few gentle walks will not sustain a size 10 figure unless I seriously consider the 'calories in' half of the equation so I am looking at some motivational races. I have moved house so need to learn what's good locally.

The last time I ran a "2.09 Events" race it was not well organised with water stations un-manned and water running out, has anyone done any events with them recently who could give me an idea of their general performance? I see this race is new so not yet rated.

 Many thanks


  • I've done the Lakeside Canal race twice near Frimley, that's "only" 8 miles but is a good race and I've signed up to do it a third time.  The Brooklands half is very expensive and has an early start time on the day the clocks go forward, so hasn't tempted me to enter.

    Have you considered the new Surrey half marathon between Guildford and Woking on 9th March?  I'd also recommend the Fleet half which is my local race and is very well organised.  You could also look at the Wokingham, Reading and Bracknell half marathons.

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    Hey Hellywobs. We're both quite local! I can recommend Wokingham and Fleet as good established half marathons that are well organised and good races. I'm not sure about the brooklands half not because of the organisers but because of the race and route itself! It's not going to be that great and the start/end is likely to be VERY windy

  • Thanks for the feedback. I seem to be local to both of you as well, I will look at your suggestions. Thanks very much.

  • I used to do the Brooklands Duathlon which was around MB World, and if the first and last 3 miles are around the track, then there will be a lot of bends which makes it quite difficult with you having to constantly slow and speed up for the bends, particularly if there are a lot of runners. I am entered but mainly because my gym is half a mile away and a few of us are doing it. 

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