Friday 6th December 2013


Lyrics - On a warm summer's evenin' on a train bound for nowhere,

Hope everyone came safely through the storm.

Sounds like a good chance encounter Blisters.

A whole week off RFJ?

What:             turbo session
Why:              bike time/taper
Last hard:      13/10
Last rest:        27/11

Enjoy the chocolate of your choice image


  • Morning LMH
    What: not sure yet, gym, running, digging
    Why: storm hasn't stopped yet, was howling all night, and not sure how safe it is out there
    Last hard: waking up early to listen to the cricket, the waking up wasn't hard, but hearing the score was
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: nope

    Sounds like a nice run Blisters.

    Have a good one all.

  • Birkmyre, kids got the full day off yesterday - and parents night was cancelled too.  My two were delighted! 

  • Oh dear, dread to check the cricket score

    Snow still lying here.

    What: maybe get out for run tonight
    Why: no run last night image

    Lyrics: no

  • Morning!

    Cricket: catches win matches, and cost 286 runs, apparently. Listened to a fair bit..and am now exhausted! Hope tomorrow is a boring day where England bat and lose few wickets.

    What: unsure
    Why: ankle tender, but have the opportunity to run, or even run/walk whilst car is being serviced.

    Lyrics: no

  • Morning from a cold and frosty West of Scotland

    Yesterdays lyrics were The Alarm: 'Where were you hiding when the storm broke and the rain began to fall.'

    Thought these were very apt for yesterdays weatherimage

    What: 30mins carefully earlier.

    Why: Didn't want to fall in the ice/frost

    donaldo: A good result for you and the kids.

    Back later

  • LMH - everyone should have at least one week off a year :??0

    What: run d&d

    bike PM

    Why: I like it

    Last hard : Tuesday

    Last rest : October 14

    Lyrics: No

    another day on runnersworld, it is almost like being a runner
  • Morning Gobi

    Todays lyrics: yes.image

  • I may have a week where I just do as I feel - and much less than usual - but wouldn't want t take a whole week off just for the sake of doing so, only exception is if I'm unwell when I may lose a whole week.

    Glad you stayed on your feet birks. Very good lyrics for yesterday.

  • LMH: Okay so I like the Alarm I admit that. But just thought those lyrics were so appropriate for yesterday.

  • Morning.

    2.4k in the small pool d&d - very small pool after yesterday's lake - will revisit soon!

    4 miles run d&d

    Ale exercises and some weights d&d

    Easy run later with club mate if things go to plan.

    Gobi:- whats your latest 50mile TT record?



  • Blisters wrote (see)

    Welcome aboard Nose, you find that posting regularly here ensures that you feel the need to have something to post about. A daily 6 miler is unremarkable, except in our little quarter, when it's embarrassing if you can't report one!


     So the purpose of this thread will be for me to bring on more guilt.  Great.

    What: I don't know.  Work finished too late for me to get my 9 miles in yesterday.  Will try and fit 3 miles in before tennis.

    Why: cause that's all I've got time for

    Last Hard - Tuesday

    Last rest - Wed/Thur

    Lyrics. No

    Do I know what d&d stands for: No

  • D&D = done and dusted

    Lots of dusting with snow here ... image


  • Paddy my PBs are as follows

    21.35 - 10

    52.23 - 25

    2.00.30 - 50

    Didn't ride a 50 in 2013 as too busy road/track racing

    These are all ish
  • Afternoon!

    The "what" ended up as just over 2 hours walking briskly, to give the ankle another day to recover. Hopefully a reasonably long run tomorrow (hour plus).

    Good to see you doing the exercises, Paddy: keep that little bovine at bay.

  • Nose: Another welcome to the madhouse.image

  • Gobi wrote (see)
    Paddy my PBs are as follows

    21.35 - 10
    52.23 - 25
    2.00.30 - 50

    Didn't ride a 50 in 2013 as too busy road/track racing

    These are all ish


    Gobi wrote (see)
    Paddy my PBs are as follows

    21.35 - 10
    52.23 - 25
    2.00.30 - 50

    Didn't ride a 50 in 2013 as too busy road/track racing

    These are all ish

    Ish or not, those are fekin impressive

  • All good intentions of Something turned into Nothing as the snow fell heavier, my neck, shoulder and hip ceased up and I fell asleep for 3 hours.  Oh well, unscheduled day off once in a while won't hurt image

    Ale, hope the ankle holds up and you can run tomorrow
    Nose no guilt here, think of it as encouragement image
    Paddy, that's a long swim.

  • Steady snow through the day here but due to get warmer tomorrow ...


  • hello all, 
    welcome to nose...
    what - nada
    why - day off, stuff to do, still crocked.
    On 2-day coaching course tomorrow & Sunday so there might be a bit of light jogging going on.

    Maybe we were lucky but seem to have missed any bad weather. In fact today was almost sunny springlike...


  • Just 3 miles (but in the snow and dark).
    Snow still quite crisp. image

  • No sign of Hebridean weather down here. 8 degrees today. I still don't like it though.

    Woke up this morning before the alarm, with a screamer of a cramp in the left calf. Compression bandages worn for the day. I've not got any exercise done, I'm using tiredness and this cold as an excuse today. I might go on the bike tomorrow, but I'll have to get it ready, it's on the turbine.

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