Running advice - silent stride

I'm a little concerned that when I'm running my feet are landing incorrectly and it seems to make a noise as it hits the concrete. Is this normal or should it be silent? I'm worried that this is down to my new trainers. It seems to be noiser than it has been. Can anyone help, please? Is it me or the trainers, or should I not worry. Any help appreciated. Vic


  • I just turn my ipod up.


  • I know that my 9 year old who's not a natural runner tends to 'stomp' when he runs, so I try to get him to imagine running on clouds, or as he prefers it, running on candy floss image

  • Very hard to tell without having a gait analysis done by a professional. Look online, some places do a free no-commitment 30-min video analysis (obviously they are hoping to reel you in and sign you up for some running gait lessons thereafter) but usually the freebie is sufficient to at least see if something is going wrong.

    I think the key is do you have any lower limb pain during/after running?

  • Run on grass. Sorted.
  • Get those new lighter than air trainers.

  • Why are you running on concrete anyway? It's a far from ideal surface.

    I go out of my way to get to a park or common each day to run, and then run on the softest surfaces available there (e.g. mud/grass, as far as possible).

    It's worth travelling a mile or so to get to a surface that will treat your hips, knees and ankles kindly.


  • Landing too heavily when you run cannot be good for some parts of the body particularly long term. Being flatfooted or running on tired legs could result in heavy landing also.

    I think you will find solutions very subjective, what suits one runner may not suit another. However, strong legs that can see you comfortably through your chosen race distances are desirable. You could try running shorter distances with a focus only on softer landing. Doing that often enough may result in some improvement.

    Sometimes when I find the going tough I will say to myself "soft - lee, soft - lee" as each foot hits the ground to focus on landing softly. Another mind game is to imagine you are running barefoot on broken glass to encourage both a quicker pace and softer landing. Shoes alone, I don't think are the solution.

  • Try running on spot and see if you make the same noise.
    If you don't try running on the spot again, and lean forward until you start moving slowly forward.
    Think about how your feet hit the ground doing this, what shape your leg is in when it hits the ground doing this and how it compares to how you typically run.

  • a physio said to repeat light as a feather when I run, and try to lift my core. I think it helped a bit.

  • I was advised to repeat 'float with power'.  I sometimes pretend I am running on water. I need a miracle to get me round!

  • I've just changed to adidas boost & I notice a difference in the sound of my run compared with when I wear my saucony's (in which I sound like a baby elephant) I wouldn't wear my boost for anything over 10k though because don't think they are supportive enough for me.

  • Hard to say in the abstract. It could be the trainers - like a ruler held to a desk at one end and let slap down. I have a pair of Altras that sound like this. Or it could be that you're overstriding and being too much of a heel striker. If I had to say what was wrong with a runner having never seen them it would be this.

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