British military fitness training



have any of our runners ever XT'd with BMF? 

Some excellent classes to strengthen full body especially core, and train mental toughness. I know that I personally have taken minutes off my 5&10 k times and also recovery is much faster as I have been taught how to foam roll properly!


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I've taken minutes off my running times by running.
  • There has been a BMF at 9am every Saturday in Bushy Park. I think they might be up to 40 people now. 

  • Never been tempted to train with bmf. Had experience of one of the instructors at warm up for wolf run and wasn't impressed. I do participate in a weekly bootcamp with a very experience PT who is also an ultra runner. He doesn't feel the need to get all pseudo military and delivers challenging sessions that do also support my running goals.

  • I LOVE British Military Fitness. By the way, they carry bottles of water in their backpack for a water break half way through the session and sometimes props - I always used to wonder that too.

  • Although I know some excellent runners who use BMF for cross training I wouldn't do it myself, I see far too many of the instructors fail to correct bad form and put people at risk of back injury.

  • I did some training with an ex-military PT and he always ran with a back pack.  He said that he'd got used to it in the army and now it felt unnatural to run without.  I guess it changes your centre of gravity slightly and adds some weight to make the session more challenging if you want.

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