Training plans?


I'm a cyclist that's pretty "bike fit" & have recently started to run, with the view to entering a half-marathon in May. At the moment I'm following a running only training plan & adding in my usual cycling bits. However, I'd prefer to follow a plan that incorporated riding. Does anybody have any tips or links to info on this?



  • John,
    Hi, another 'convert' from stw site I see!!! (only joking!)

    Do you mean roadie biking or mtb's.. You should ahve plenty of time to get run fit for may... What sort of running (lengths and days are you doing now...?)
    I normally do 2 night rides a week on week days, 2-3 runs on the other left over days, and then one day long bike and one day long run on the w/e...
    pretty much I'd say for a 1/2 you can fairly mix and match how you like...
  • You have me at a disadvantge ;-)

    Road riding & mountain biking.

    At the moment I usually night ride once a week, a 30/40 mile road ride plus a longer mtb ride at the weekend & maybe a shoter one mid-week depending on where I am.

    Running wise, I'm currently running 3/4 times a week - 2-3 miles for a couple of days and 4-5 at the weekend. Planning to build it up slowly - I find that aerobically running's no problem but that the muscles aren't used to it yet. Getting some trail shoes for xmas :-)
  • S'ok John...
    not a regular poster on stw... but a bit and buy and sell on there... just remember yer mail address thats all...

    I'd say yer doing fine, only may have to reduce w/e biking to one day as you gradually build up yer long runs to 10+miles

    Its hard to fit it all in with cold dark nights, but nearly the shortest day and then things start to get brighter again, and open out more opportunities for evening running...

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